Mambo City 5* Congress

Friday, 27 May 2016

As I'm sure you realise by now...I like to salsa dance.

I've been to congresses in India, Poland and Barcelona and over the first May bank holiday I went to the London one!

I hadn't originally booked in to attend this congress...but I figured why not go to the one on my actual doorstep which people fly from all over the world to come to!

The congress went on for three days... Friday night, Saturday all day and night and Sunday all day and night.

So my friend Sara and I drove there on Saturday morning and just attended two days and nights

We started with an on1 salsa class with Marchant and Davina

This was a great way to get into the congress as the class wasn't difficult (Inter-Advanced) and it meant that I actually did a salsa class...before moving onto Bachata and Tango!

My next class was Sensual Bachata with Daniel and Pebbles. I absolutely loved this class, it was one of my favourites and Daniel and Pebbles are such amazing dancers.

My next class was a BNF Intro to Tango. BNF are such insane dancers (video link here) and I absolutely loved doing a bit of Tango. I've never done it before. 

That's the great thing about congresses. You can do all the dance classes you want that you'd never try at home. That's how I realised I loved bachata as I'd never done it in London.

My next two classes were bachata...can you tell I love it?

I did Simon and Joanna's Sensual Bachata, which I enjoyed as it was a longer routine and we learnt lots of different moves. And then Julian and Angela's Bachata Cool Moves class. That one was really fun as a whole group of my friends did it.

After all those classes it was time to relax a bit before the evening began!

The boys wanted to go in the sauna and pool at our hotel but none of us brought swimming stuff...which was an error.

They just decided they'd go in in their boxers and we were a bit miffed there was no way we were going in in our underwear!

A sports bra and the biggest knickers we'd brought wrapping ourselves up in towels...we spent some time enjoying the sauna and relaxing our muscles before we started dancing again!

Note to self..check if the hotel has a pool before you go and take a bikini!

That evening we had dinner in our hotel then headed back to our room for a few drinks to perk us up!

Then we spent the next 5 hours dancing

Knackering but amazing!

The next day we had a bit of a lie up for breakfast and then had another lie in!

We missed a few classes, but I got up for BNF's bachatango ...a combination of bachata and tango. I obviously loved it 

I also did Grupo Alafia's Cha Cha Cha class. Although the teachers were amazing, I was a little disappointed in this as I thought it would be Cha Cha Cha partnerwork and it was a footwork class.

We needed to check out of our hotel so whilst most people went back to nap or get ready for dinner we started on the G&Ts

I braided the top of my hair into two dutch braids and loved how it looked!

We then met the boys for dinner

After some lobster and wine we went to get seats for the shows...

Front row next to the man himself!

The shows were incredible!

These two were a brother and sister.. I think he was 14 and she was 17? They were amazing!!

One of my favourite performances was Daniel and Pebbles, the bachata dancers I mentioned earlier

I actually had the privilege of dancing with her later in the evening

My salsa teacher asked her to lead me and "be the man" 

The dance which impressed me most was the Tango by BNF. The lady's shoe came off and she still carried on doing one of the most insane dances I've ever seen...they of course got a major standing ovation.

After the performances it was time to get on the dance floor. We spent the next four hours dancing...and drove home about 4am.

An amazing, exhausting, exhilarating weekend - I just love to dance!

Spring Empties

Friday, 20 May 2016

I've got many an empty for you this spring!

I find empties blogs so satisfying because I get to throw all this stuff away which I hoard in my beautyroom for months!

The first things I have are two of these L'Oreal  Casting Creme Gloss conditioners. These are always in my empties! They come with the hair dye I use and I love decanting them into a bottle to use for a deep conditioner when my hair needs it. I will be repurchasing!

This softlips lip balm is one of my ultimate faves! You can only get it in America so stock up if you go there! Deffo a repurchase, in fact I already have my next one!

Next is this tub of sudocrem. Its an antiseptic cream meant to be used for nappy rash...but I use it for everything from spots on my face to putting on sunburn! I will repurchase because this stuff lasts forever and is so useful!

Another item is this Nivea Pearl and Beauty was ok - nothing special! I probably won't repurchase.

These Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers are always in my empties! Mad About You is my favourite smell and I've already repurchased

I really liked this Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask from the Body Shop... but I don't know if I'll repurchase. I have so much skincare on my desk and I just don't feel like I should buy anymore until I've used up some of the other things I have

This Philip Kinglsey shampoo and conditioner came in my beauty advent calendar. I probably won't repurchase as I don't think it's worth the price tag! I'm not committed to a shampoo at the moment  - in fact I'm a total slut. No shampoo has stood out for me so I just swap and change everytime I buy a new one.

This Indian Night Jasmine Body Butter from the Body Shop is my favourite moisturiser of the moment AND I have the perfume (a bargain at £18). I've already repurchased.

I loveee this Vitamin C moisturiser from the Body Shop and I have already repurchased!

This toothpaste is the Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening. I didn't see a noticeable difference. In fact it was left at my house last summer by a guy I was seeing and I sneakily claimed it as my own. I don't think I'll repurchase. Not that it would be a would be a new purchase!

This Skin Perfection Perk Up Cream from L'Oreal didn't impress me. I thought it would be a serum but it was more like makeup. Just not what I wanted

The Deep Action Cream Wash from Clean and Clear is a dupe for the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and I've already repurchased :) I love it and its so cheap!

I've already repurchased this L'Oreal Infallible Setting Spray. This is the American bottle and I've repurchased it in the UK so the bottle looks different but I think its the same product

The NARS Audacious Mascara is hella pricey so I don't think I'll repurchase...but it is Amazing! With a capital A

I loved this ESPA pro serum facial oil...but again Hella Pricey! So I won't repurchase.

Finally the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse - I love this, but I think there are more reasonably priced items I can use to remove my makeup...if anyone wanted to buy it for me as a gift though...that would be much appreciated!

That felt like a long blog! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've used up this season :)

Get Ready With Me - Full Glam

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I love getting glammed and going outout

You just can't beat the transformation of makeup and having time to actually put in the effort to do more than just day to day makeup.

I'm sure some of you other makeup addicts will agree!

The other week I went outout and went for a smokey deep eye with half cornrows so I thought I'd talk you through the products I used!

Starting with a clean babyface

Whenever I do a full on smokey eye I always do my eyemakeup before my foundation, it just means you can clean up the edges and not worry about any fall out.

I used tape to get a really crisp line

And blended a combination of Make Up Geek Creme Brulee and Urban Decay Naked into my crease as my transition shades

I've been really into warm eyeshadows lately so Creme Brulee is a great transition shade for me!

I added Make Up Geek Grandstand onto my lid with a flat brush and then added winged liner.

The lashes I used were Velour Lashes in You Complete Me

And then I moved onto my face before finishing off my eyes.

I then contoured with my Anastasia Beverly Hill shade in Fawn
and set under my eyes with my Soap and Glory Kick Ass Pressed Powder which I LOVE

For highlight I used my Carli Bybel Palette for BH Cosmetics and for brows I used my NYX Pencil

To finish the look I used a black kohl liner from Pixi Cosmetics in my water line and tight line and I ran grandstand under my lower lash line

For lips I used a mixture of L'Oreal Color Riche by J.Lo and my Rimmel Exaggerate Pencil in Addiction plus a bit of Bare Minerals Gloss in Spark Plug on top

To do the corn rows I just sectioned off one side of my hair and split that into three and did three dutch braids

I can't describe how to do dutch braids, you need to really watch it, so I recommend Carli Bybel's Video which you can find here

My natural hair is finally growing so I didn't even wear extensions!

Let me know what glam products you've been loving recently in the comment section below, or tweet me @evhaworthx :)

India - Jaipur, The Final Day

Saturday, 14 May 2016

We woke up on our final day in India and repacked our backpacks for the last time

Our hotel was so beautiful and it was such a shame to leave it and not get to really enjoy it

I would have liked a day by this pool!

We set off to see a bit of Jaipur and started at the Amber Fort

Travis put on his party hat

And we went to meet our taxis

These beautifulllll elephants!

This was the bit of the trip I'd looked forward to most I think when I read the itinerary. I love elephants

We picked the prettiest painted girl elephant

And rode up to the fort

A pretty impressive view from the elephants back

This palace/fort was built in 967AD ... A seriously long time ago

There were a few questions about whether it is mean to ride the elephants up to the fort and whether they are treated well.

Apparently they only go up and down the fort three times per day and then they're allowed back to their pen and they're led down to the lake to bath at the end of the day

A few of the elephants had a kind of earring hole in their ears but our guide said that this was from before PETA got involved and that the elephants used to be mistreated...

This place is run by the Government so I think I believe them that they treat the elephants right.

The fort was pretty impressive... Apparently in 1876 Queen Victoria visited the Fort so the Maharajah painted the city pink to welcome her 

Whilst at the fort a local news station asked if they could interview us to encourage tourism to Rajasthan

2nd interview of the holiday #famous

The fort is huge with so many tunnels and doorways leading to different sections.

This area is where the Maharajah used to get it on with all his concubines

Good on the Maharajah!

One of the most beautiful bits of the Palace is this Sheesh Mahal which is the mirror palace

My kind of place!

Our next stop was the City Palace

The City Palace used to be the Maharajah's home. 

Part of it still is his home (although apparently he's at uni in London- hes only 18!) but part of it is also a museum and can be rented out for weddings

They were setting up a wedding when we went and it looked like it would be pretty spectacular

I really really want to go to an Indian Wedding.... I Am Aneesha get on it!!

After the City Palace it was time to head to the airport and fly from Jaipur to Mumbai...

And Mumbai to the UK

To be greeted with a temperature of 4 degrees...

Very different to the 40 degrees in Jaipur!

I hope you enjoyed these blogs on my trip to Indai - Travel blogs are my favourite as I love to look back on them! 

My next trip is Vegas in August...if you want to read my last Vegas blogs you can find them here

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