India - Bailamos Festival Days 3 and 4

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The final day of Bailamos Festival was a fun one!

We spent the morning doing classes:

Bachata with Andrea and Silvia and Salsa with SuperMario (my teacher from London - pictured below in red - come join our class we're fun!)

And then it was time for the poolparty!

Everyone went wild for the animations at the pool party! Especially the Bollywood routines

And it was so fun!

Obviously I got involved...

Soon the sun went down and the music changed to be more hiphop and trap...

My fave!

After dancing the afternoon away I went to spend some time in my beautiful hotel bath!

Before dinner and another full evening of dancing

Salsa congresses are just so fun...trying out all the different classes that you wouldn't get a chance to do at home and dancing all night!

The next day we were off to Goa and we were all prepared to have very little sleep and wake up early for our flight.

Unfortunately/or fortunately I'm not sure which, there was a public transport strike in no taxis, buses, cars, bikes...anything...from the airport.

Neeraj the Bailamos organiser was so insanely helpful...he rearranged our flight and sorted out all the transport.

Which meant a lie in and a day tanning...

We were all actually quite happy about it!

It also meant that we got to eat one of the best meals I had in India

I only took a picture of two dishes we had.

But these two were the best!

The first is Panipuri
They're little hollow round fried balls filled with chutney, chilli, potato and chickpeas and then these spicy waters. My Indian bestie told me I had to try these, but make sure I only got them somewhere where they would use bottled water.

These were INSANELY good.

Where can I get these in London? WHERE!

This is a Dosa
Which is a spicy kind of pancake with rice batter and I think sweet potato... its seriously good!

After an incredible lunch we headed to the airport and flew to Goa

We got there at 2am... and some of us stayed up until 7am drinking and watching the sunrise..but I guess as that is technically Day 5 that's a story for the next blog!

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  1. There is a new dosa place near home and they have panipuri too, I'll take you next time you're here! nomnomom...


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