India - Bailamos Festival Days 1 and 2

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I like to go away every two months...

Even if its just a long weekend!

This year though I've started out hardcore longhaul.

I did Costa Rica in February and in April it was time for India!

My salsa teacher was teaching at the Indian salsa congress some of our group decided to go too! And I'm SO glad we did!

We travelled on Thursday evening on the overnight flight and arrived at 11am in Mumbai

We checked in at the Marriott Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel where the congress was being held.

Its next to Lake Powai

And my room was gorgeous!
I made use of the bath every night!

Our first call of duty...

The pool!
My bikini is new its from BooHoo and is a bargain at £18 (link here)
And my glasses are Quay My Girls (link here)

It was so nice to be warm!

England has sunshine...but I like heat!

The salsa congress was three nights (Friday Saturday and Sunday)

So my friend Anurag who is from India suggested we go out into Mumbai and see the city on the Friday night.

That way we still got two nights of dancing (and classes all day) but actually got to see the city!

We started at The Stock Exchange Bar 

I've heard of bars like this before but never actually been to one! You download the app on your phone or ipad and then you can see the price of the drinks changing

Just like the stock exchange if something is in high demand the price goes up and if something is unpopular it becomes cheaper!

You order on your iphone too so that's pretty handy because you don't have to grab the waiters attention!

We had a fair few drinks here including numerous tequilas and the headed onto another bar which we heard had a bollywood night...

Anurag taught me how to say "hey DJ please play my song" in Hindi so I spent a lot of the evening saying that to various DJ's... impressing them (obvi) and getting Justin Beiber played for me!

In case you wondered its: dj wale babu mera gana baja do

We then moved onto a club called Social

More tequlia was drunk...there was dancing and then the lights came on!

I think at about 1.30am so far too early!

We headed back to congress and decided dancing salsa and bachata would be a good idea... a maxi dress

...a maxi dress that slides down and reveals my bra if I'm not careful...

And at about 2.45am I escaped and got the lift up to my room to get a few hours sleep before the next day!

On Saturday I got up earlier than necessary as SOMEONE told me breakfast finished at actually finished at 10.30

I started the day by attending a Kizomba class

I've only ever danced Kizomba twice and both times the man just rubbed himself against me in a way that was not enjoyable...

It was actually so nice to do a class where this didn't happen and I could actually enjoy the class!

My next class was Bachata with some of the best bachata dancers in the world Andrea and Silvia

Check them out on Italy's Got Talent they're amazing!

I just love bachata!

I'm going to find time to fit it in in London alongside salsa

I also did a hiphop class and a salsa street fusion class

I even managed to fit in pool time so I was a very happy girl!

Ready for a night of dancing until 3am

Such a great first two days in India! Stay tuned for the next instalment to find out where we travelled once the congress was over!


  1. We had such a great time. I am glad you posted this unforgatable moments in your blog.
    I was listening "dj wale babu mera gana baja do" today. Having flashbacks of us dancing bollywood. We did pretty well, let´s continuo in London.

    1. :) I'm glad we can look back on the memories :)


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