India - Bailamos Festival Days 3 and 4

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The final day of Bailamos Festival was a fun one!

We spent the morning doing classes:

Bachata with Andrea and Silvia and Salsa with SuperMario (my teacher from London - pictured below in red - come join our class we're fun!)

And then it was time for the poolparty!

Everyone went wild for the animations at the pool party! Especially the Bollywood routines

And it was so fun!

Obviously I got involved...

Soon the sun went down and the music changed to be more hiphop and trap...

My fave!

After dancing the afternoon away I went to spend some time in my beautiful hotel bath!

Before dinner and another full evening of dancing

Salsa congresses are just so fun...trying out all the different classes that you wouldn't get a chance to do at home and dancing all night!

The next day we were off to Goa and we were all prepared to have very little sleep and wake up early for our flight.

Unfortunately/or fortunately I'm not sure which, there was a public transport strike in no taxis, buses, cars, bikes...anything...from the airport.

Neeraj the Bailamos organiser was so insanely helpful...he rearranged our flight and sorted out all the transport.

Which meant a lie in and a day tanning...

We were all actually quite happy about it!

It also meant that we got to eat one of the best meals I had in India

I only took a picture of two dishes we had.

But these two were the best!

The first is Panipuri
They're little hollow round fried balls filled with chutney, chilli, potato and chickpeas and then these spicy waters. My Indian bestie told me I had to try these, but make sure I only got them somewhere where they would use bottled water.

These were INSANELY good.

Where can I get these in London? WHERE!

This is a Dosa
Which is a spicy kind of pancake with rice batter and I think sweet potato... its seriously good!

After an incredible lunch we headed to the airport and flew to Goa

We got there at 2am... and some of us stayed up until 7am drinking and watching the sunrise..but I guess as that is technically Day 5 that's a story for the next blog!

India - Bailamos Festival Days 1 and 2

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I like to go away every two months...

Even if its just a long weekend!

This year though I've started out hardcore longhaul.

I did Costa Rica in February and in April it was time for India!

My salsa teacher was teaching at the Indian salsa congress some of our group decided to go too! And I'm SO glad we did!

We travelled on Thursday evening on the overnight flight and arrived at 11am in Mumbai

We checked in at the Marriott Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel where the congress was being held.

Its next to Lake Powai

And my room was gorgeous!
I made use of the bath every night!

Our first call of duty...

The pool!
My bikini is new its from BooHoo and is a bargain at £18 (link here)
And my glasses are Quay My Girls (link here)

It was so nice to be warm!

England has sunshine...but I like heat!

The salsa congress was three nights (Friday Saturday and Sunday)

So my friend Anurag who is from India suggested we go out into Mumbai and see the city on the Friday night.

That way we still got two nights of dancing (and classes all day) but actually got to see the city!

We started at The Stock Exchange Bar 

I've heard of bars like this before but never actually been to one! You download the app on your phone or ipad and then you can see the price of the drinks changing

Just like the stock exchange if something is in high demand the price goes up and if something is unpopular it becomes cheaper!

You order on your iphone too so that's pretty handy because you don't have to grab the waiters attention!

We had a fair few drinks here including numerous tequilas and the headed onto another bar which we heard had a bollywood night...

Anurag taught me how to say "hey DJ please play my song" in Hindi so I spent a lot of the evening saying that to various DJ's... impressing them (obvi) and getting Justin Beiber played for me!

In case you wondered its: dj wale babu mera gana baja do

We then moved onto a club called Social

More tequlia was drunk...there was dancing and then the lights came on!

I think at about 1.30am so far too early!

We headed back to congress and decided dancing salsa and bachata would be a good idea... a maxi dress

...a maxi dress that slides down and reveals my bra if I'm not careful...

And at about 2.45am I escaped and got the lift up to my room to get a few hours sleep before the next day!

On Saturday I got up earlier than necessary as SOMEONE told me breakfast finished at actually finished at 10.30

I started the day by attending a Kizomba class

I've only ever danced Kizomba twice and both times the man just rubbed himself against me in a way that was not enjoyable...

It was actually so nice to do a class where this didn't happen and I could actually enjoy the class!

My next class was Bachata with some of the best bachata dancers in the world Andrea and Silvia

Check them out on Italy's Got Talent they're amazing!

I just love bachata!

I'm going to find time to fit it in in London alongside salsa

I also did a hiphop class and a salsa street fusion class

I even managed to fit in pool time so I was a very happy girl!

Ready for a night of dancing until 3am

Such a great first two days in India! Stay tuned for the next instalment to find out where we travelled once the congress was over!

How much is my face worth?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

I use a fair few makeup products day to day...even on days when I'm doing a "no makeup" look.

I saw the "How much is my face worth" tag on Twitter and thought I'd do a blog on it to add up how much my face is actually worth on a daily basis!

JessicaAnn and IamAneesha I tag you to do the same!

Primer - Nivea Post Shave Balm £5.29
Foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Vamilla £10.99
Concealer - Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20 sand £5.99
Bronzer - Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium £28.50

Blush - Benefit Dandelion and Coralista Mixed Together £23.50 each

Highlight - Carli Bybel Palette for BH Cosmetics £8.70 (such a bargain go buy it!)

Brows - NYX Brow Pencil and L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper £7 and £5.99

Mascara - Benefit Roller Lash £19.50
Setting Spray - L'Oreal Setting Spray £7.99

A total of.... £174.95 

Day to day I don't wear eyeshadow... and this made me think perhaps I should do a nightout blog like this too...maybe I will in the future...I'm sure it will appal me though in terms of the total cost!

Tag me if you blog how much your face is worth! I'd be so intrigued to know!

Dating blogs and blogspiration

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

All my recent blog posts have been travel or beauty related...

And I love writing about those things but this blog started out as a dating blog and it feels a bit weird that I don't write about that stuff anymore.

I've been seeing someone for a few months now and I definitely do not want to write about him. I've made the mistake before of blogging about someone and it ruining things and I think some things should be kept private!

But this does mean that I'm not going on first dates, I've deleted Tinder and Bumble so I'm not swiping and I have no exciting or embarrassing dating blog content.

I don't want to go on dates with anyone else or get new dating blog content...but I just feel a bit flat about blogging when I think the blogs I'm best at writing are the chatty ones.

I think I need a bit of blogspiration...

Does anyone else get that feeling?

Its all very well documenting what makeup I've bought but that content isn't anything anyone hasn't read before on some other beauty blogger's blog.

Because I have no dating content I've been reading other peoples dating blogs as I love reading them!

Here are some of my favourites so you can enjoy them too!

My favourite is Life After Heartbreak.

She's an anonymous blogger who has gone through a broken engagement and is now starting dating again and getting over her ex. Her blog reminds me of me in the early days of this blog.
Read hers from the beginning when you have a bit of time! :)

I really enjoy Dating, Dinners and Disasters as she blogs about the guys she is dating in London.

In fact I met a guy in the summer and we were chatting about my blog...he said he'd had a girl blog about him and it turns out it was this girl.
He wasn't very happy about it and I won't tell you which guy it was, but I thought it was quite funny that I knew which blog he meant.
She hasn't blogged in a while (and I hope she picks it back up) but I like reading her old blogs regardless

My favourite post of Dani's is The Cable Guy.... he shone a torch in her eyes on a date... read it its funny!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

In the past I've done some guest posts when my friends have embarrassing dating stories that I've felt need to be shared (anonymously) with the world! If you have a hilarious dating story that you'd like me to share email me at


New Makeup Favourites

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Last year I was really good at getting my monthly favourites out on time. But this year I've been terrible!

I did a yearly 2015 favourites but I haven't done January, February or March! 

So I thought to make up for it I'd show you some of the new makeup I've purchased over the past three months and am absolutely loving!

Kind of a best of the best haul if you will...

Starting with the base. I bought two things in March.

By the way, in February I had a makeup buying ban... not sure why, but think of it like dry January but for makeup shopping. I proved I could do it...but I didn't enjoy it.

So in March I bought:

This claims to have a gel texture that blends and glides onto the skin for an even, natural finish with no mask effect. I definitely agree with that.

In terms of packaging I love that this has a pump. I find this foundation is quite thin and runny and I therefore need 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face. It is a buildable formula which I like and it just looks like my skin but better.
I love foundations like that, where it doesn't look like you're wearing a really heavy foundation.

My only issue with this foundation is the colour range. They only have six shades and the one I have is the second lightest! I like to think I'm quite tanned and it really pained me to buy a colour called Vanilla...even though it is the shade that matches me perfectly. I am NOT vanilla I'm a tanned olive skinned gal! I just think the shade range is really terrible especially for those with darker skin tones...all six shades are some kind of Caucasian...sort it out Bourjois!

I've heard that this is a dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard which is my ultimate fave.

I really really like it. They have a good shade range and this colour 20 has a yellow undertone which brightens under the eyes. Its pretty similar to the NARS one just not quite as thick.

A great purchase

I used both of these base products at the weekend and I found my skin looked so flawless:
I'm loving these items so much!

The next things I've been enjoying are some lip products 

Top to bottom:

This is a really great formula of liquid lipstick. Apparently its a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones but I haven't tried them so can't say whether it is! For £3 you can't really go wrong.

I've been loving nudes recently and these Rimmel liquid lipsticks are some of my all time favourites. I wish they had more colours! I washed my arm in the shower after taking this picture and both liquid lipsticks were so hard to get off but the Rimmel one won. I had to scrub it with an exfoliating glove! Very longwearing!

This is my favourite MAC lip liner. Everyone goes on about Whirl and Stone but this colour is so beautiful just a deep natural lip colour - I'm obsessed!

 Next is this palette from Revolution (sold at Superdrug) an absolute bargain at £6!
I wouldn't really call it a blush palette as it has highlighters blushes and bronzers so it is more of a face palette

It is so pigmented and here are my two favourites

The white shade and the golden swirled highlight shade.

I've been using these on my eyes and I just love them. The white in the inner corner is so intense (I'm wearing it in the selfie above with the bronze on my lower lashline)

 This is a cream eyeshadow base which is another dupe. This time for MAC Soft Ochre paint pot which I swear the whole beauty section of youtube use

I use it as an eyeshadow primer to cancel out any colour on my lids before applying eyeshadows and I really like it for more full on eyeshadow days...or nights!

I've wanted to try these for so long but I've only seen them on American youtubers channels.

Boots now sell them so stock up! They are such a good shape! I cut about a cm off the centre of the lash and have them as a 3/4 lash on the outer edge

Make Up By Leyla swears by this powder and I've wanted it for ages. Unfortunately its always sold out!

I got my hands on it and am loving using it to set my concealer - its a huge pan so is way better value than my ABH Banana Powder!

And that's it! All the new purchases I've been loving <3

Let me know any new products you've been loving recently!

Winning The Spontaneous Beauty Blogger's Giveaway!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The other week I won a giveaway on The Spontaneous Beauty Blogger's blog!

You can find her here:

I thought I'd show you what I got and let you know what I think of a couple of bits

.Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar
MUA Eye+Face Rhapsody Palette 
Freedom Pro Glo in Purr
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility
Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Velvet Teddy
Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter Lashes 
Superdrug Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask, Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask and Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask. 
Stila Convertible Colour in Peony
A miniature Bioderma (which I already know I love!)

My favourite thing I got is most definitely the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I think Makeup Revolution is only sold in Superdrug. They're a really great brand, especially for highlighters! I've been eyeing them up for a while but I probably don't need to buy any now I have this palette!

The blush top left is so pretty and glowy and the three highlighters are super pigmented
I love the white one bottom left for my inner corner it just makes your eyes pop!

I have only tried the two bronzer colours on my eyes as transitions shades, but they are really easy to blend so I imagine they will make great bronzers too
The star of the show is this bronzey highlight bottom right. I'm not sure how it would work on your cheeks as its really pigmented, but on the eyes it is AMAZING! Such a great colour especially if you have blue eyes as it will bring out their colour.

Another item I've been loving is this Freedom Pro Glo in Purr, its a really pretty peachy blush for summer

I haven't actually used the other big items yet... I'm a bit daunted by the colour of this cream blush as I generally just use powder blushes

But I'm quite excited to use these half lashes as I think half lashes are such a great way to add glam to a look without it being too much!

Merlin was very approving of the items I won

Especially the giant mirror on the Makeup Revolution Palette

He's very handsome so I can't blame him for staring at himself!

Thank you so much Sophie for hosting such a good giveaway!
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