Restaurant Review - Flat Iron

Thursday, 31 March 2016

I first heard about Flat Iron last year... in fact it was me and the boy's first date.

He took me there and it was all round a pretty great date! Claps for him!

There are a few around London but the one I've been to (twice now) is on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden

You get a meat cleaver for your knife...

And a pretty small menu

They do have specials and do a few items other than steak...but lets be honest, I would only ever order steak there!

After the date success I wanted to share the excitement of £10 great quality steak with someone

So I took my Mummy

I love how the menu is so simple

We ordered fries and broccoli to share

But as each steak comes with salad you could probably even skip those if you were having a healthy and cheap day!

Why would you want to skip fries though...

They're really good ones here!

All you need is some red wine and you're good to go!

Plus you don't even have to worry about the should we or shouldn't we have pudding question

Because if you order steak you get a poker chip...

Which you can exchange for salted caramel icecream

And these amazing chocoalte shavings

The guy who does the ice cream fills up a cone for you and then rolls it in that pile of chocolate

Such a great idea!

£10 steak and free ice cream is my kind of place!

You can find Flat Iron here - and I definitely recommend you visit! It gets busy and you can't make reservations so go early and pop round the corner for a drink while you wait.

I recommend this tequila bar for cocktails if you want to recreate the perfect date...

Or alternatively wander round covent garden do some shopping and watch the street performers!

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