Costa Rica - The final days

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

On our first full day in Quepos we woke up early and headed down to the beach for breakfast

Fruit, yoghurt, granola and iced coffee...


We then spent the day lying on the beach soaking up the sun

I tan quite easily and never really burn...but I burnt myself on this day even though I was wearing P20! I think this close to the equator you need factor 50 regardless of your skin type.

I've learnt my lesson for my India trip next month!

Aneesha and I both had a massage on the beach just before sunset and it was so nice to relax after quite an active trip

Plus the sunset was beautiful!

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for our first night outout

Aneesha was ill again and sorely missed :(

I was very excited to finally get to salsa so we went to a salsa bar

And I had a few dances

Always nice to be able to put your skills to use in a real environment!

Rather than just in a salsa class or a salsa club in London.

We met a couple of oddballs at this bar...and by oddballs I mean two guys who told me how much acid they'd done and how trippy it was to see monkeys...

And then tried to get us to go in their car with them down to the beach to do more drugs.

Not my scene at all.

We managed to ditch them and headed off to another bar which was basically someones back garden with music in it and a bar.

It felt very authentic to be at what was basically a house party in the middle of Costa Rica!

The next morning we had to check out :(

So I spent the morning soaking up the sun

Trying to get as much of a tan as possible!
I didn't do too badly bearing in mind we had less than two days there!

We had a final lunch ... you can tell what Aneesha thought of this drink!

And then we made our mark before driving back to San Jose

We arrived back into San Jose quite late and headed out for our final dinner at a restaurant called Machu Picchu.

This place was fancier than the other restaurants we'd been to on the trip and the food was pretty good! Its got 4 stars on trip advisor so I recommend if you're in the city.

We were there to not only toast to the end of our trip...but to celebrate Alex's birthday

The next day was a cominbation of saying goodbye to the amazing people we'd met...and killing time before our flight.

Then it was time to leave Costa Rica behind

Such a beautiful country

I can't wait to explore more of Central and South America!


  1. WTF is that photo??!?!?!

    little rat!

    1. hahahaha! Hey I kept the beans photo away from the world... you couldn't deny them this one too!


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