Costa Rica - Day 5 - Monte Verde's Hanging Bridges

Friday, 11 March 2016

Waking up in La Fortuna with very sore legs there was only one cure...

French toast and milky delicious Costa Rican Coffee at My Coffee

We had to grab an early breakfast as we had a date with a boat!

We drove down to the Arenal Lake (which sounds like some kind of body part) and piled onto a boat with our back packs in tow.

It was a pretty cloudy day so we didn't get to see the real beauty of the lake

But we saw a bit of wildlife along the way...

At this point I was still hoping I would see a Jaguar at some point on this trip...

That didn't happen

But I did see a Toucan whilst horse riding!

Anyway, we drove from the dock on the other side of the lake up to Monte Verde.

Monte Verde is where the cloud forest is and driving up there you go from pure sunshine to being in a legit cloud. No idea how the drivers do it as you can't see a thing.

We noticed as soon as we stepped out of the van at our hotel (Hotel Cipreses) that the temperature was much lower

So we all quickly put trousers and hoodies on before heading out for lunch

We had an hour to kill before going to the Hanging Bridges so we stopped at TacoTaco

This was SO good! And as a plus the sun came out!

After lunch we drove up to the Santa Elena Hanging Bridges

By this point it was rainy and a bit chilly

But fortunately Aneesha had her NorthFace gear...

We walked through the forest

Until we reached the bridges

These bridges are suspended through the forest and mean you get to see everything from above

I cannot get over how green Costa Rica is as a country

The forest just seems to grow in and around everything...

And you feel very much like you're in a world which hasn't been touched by humans

You can just imagine the dinosaurs!

You might get from these blogs that I'm a bit into Jurassic Park!

This was a huge ass millipede which released cyanide if you touched it!

At the end of the walk we went into an area which had hummingbird feeders

There were so many and they were amazing to see up close!

Not sure I've ever seen them up close before :)

I slowed the shutter speed of my Sony A5100 camera down to get these shots

And I think they turned out pretty well bearing in mind how fast those wings are flapping!

Costa Rica has 54 species of hummingbird! And we did see some out and about away from this reservation too!

That evening we split up as a group and Aneesha and I went for dinner together.

It was a pretty miserable evening in terms of weather so we thought we'd earnt a glass of wine!

We went to Morpho's which was so cute

Its all painted inside and the food was so good!

I had the traditional Casado and this was one of the best ones I had

After a glass of wine we ran home through the rain

Ready for bed...

Told you there was a theme for this trip! Exhaustion!

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