Costa Rica - Day 3 & 4 La Fortuna and Monteverde

Friday, 4 March 2016

Our first full day in La Fortuna was an activity filled day.

Some people got up at the crack of dawn to fit in as many activities as possible, but Aneesha and I decided to have a chilled morning, find some coffee and brunch and then do our activities in the afternoon.

At Pamela's recommendation we went to "My Coffee"

I picked an iced vanilla latte

Which was seriously good

I've cut out dairy this year, but I don't think they have soy milk in Costa Rica so I had to have dairy on this trip. I couldn't go on a trip to Costa Rica and not drink coffee and I just can't have black coffee!

If you're in La Fortuna I really recommend My Coffee - they did breakfast that didn't include rice and beans and the wifi was so fast! 

What more could you want!

After our leisurely breakfast we went to the local supermarket to get some snacks for our afternoons

So many beans!

We then sunbathed and read our books on the top of our hotel (Las Colinas)

I'm always happiest in the sun :)

After a lounge in the sun we got ready for our activities

I wore a very appropriate horseriding outfit ...

And Aneesha was properly dressed for mountain biking

We went our seperate ways and I got to meet Golden Hair

Which is a ridiculous name for a horse so I renamed her Rapunzel 

She actually had her hair shaved to keep her cool so not really an appropriate name at all!

We rode up the mountain, gave the horses some water and continued on foot

Apparently part of Jurassic Park was filmed in this area and it did feel like you'd see a Dinosaur at any moment!

We then hiked to the waterfall

Not too bad as it was downhill...but this bridge was terrifying! My legs were shaking for at least 20 minutes afterwards

But it was worth it to reach the waterfall

and swim in the river :)

The hike back up to the horses was a lot harder then the walk down and it was a relief to sit back on the horses

Until one rode into my leg...

I complained like a baby for the next few days about that bad boy! It was an even more impressive bruise than the one my mum gave me skiing into me this Christmas - and that's saying something!

After riding back to where we started I headed back to the hotel.

We changed into our bikinis once again and about 5 of us went with our CEO Pamela to some local hotsprings.

This was one of the highlights of the trip in my eyes. The hotsprings are down a gravel path off the side of the road and you basically wade up a river to reach a waterfall.. which you climb up, with the help of some local guys, who I'm sure pull all the time for helping so many ladies. 

On the other side of the waterfall the floor is pretty flat and you all just sit and enjoy how warm the water is. We all brought drinks with us and just enjoyed looking up at all the bright stars and having a drink.

Such an amazing experience especially as all the people around us seemed to be locals. When we called it a day (as we had to get back for dinner) we climbed back down the waterfall and all the local people were there with coolers of drinks and even a portable bbq with a fish on it!

If I was a teenager in La Fortuna I would have hung out there all the time! I guess kind of like me and my friends hung out in Reigate Park...not quite the same!!

The place we went isn't official but here are a couple of links which describe where you can find it if you're ever in La Fortuna

I recommend wearing water shoes if you have any!

When we got back we quickly changed, met the rest of our group and went out for dinner

We went to the Lava Lounge and it was pretty cool - the Super Bowl was playing so it was a bit rowdy but the food was good and apparently later on they had live music.

We obviously didn't make it as far as the live music because again...we were bloody knackered!

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