Restaurant Review - Flat Iron

Thursday, 31 March 2016

I first heard about Flat Iron last year... in fact it was me and the boy's first date.

He took me there and it was all round a pretty great date! Claps for him!

There are a few around London but the one I've been to (twice now) is on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden

You get a meat cleaver for your knife...

And a pretty small menu

They do have specials and do a few items other than steak...but lets be honest, I would only ever order steak there!

After the date success I wanted to share the excitement of £10 great quality steak with someone

So I took my Mummy

I love how the menu is so simple

We ordered fries and broccoli to share

But as each steak comes with salad you could probably even skip those if you were having a healthy and cheap day!

Why would you want to skip fries though...

They're really good ones here!

All you need is some red wine and you're good to go!

Plus you don't even have to worry about the should we or shouldn't we have pudding question

Because if you order steak you get a poker chip...

Which you can exchange for salted caramel icecream

And these amazing chocoalte shavings

The guy who does the ice cream fills up a cone for you and then rolls it in that pile of chocolate

Such a great idea!

£10 steak and free ice cream is my kind of place!

You can find Flat Iron here - and I definitely recommend you visit! It gets busy and you can't make reservations so go early and pop round the corner for a drink while you wait.

I recommend this tequila bar for cocktails if you want to recreate the perfect date...

Or alternatively wander round covent garden do some shopping and watch the street performers!

Costa Rica - The final days

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

On our first full day in Quepos we woke up early and headed down to the beach for breakfast

Fruit, yoghurt, granola and iced coffee...


We then spent the day lying on the beach soaking up the sun

I tan quite easily and never really burn...but I burnt myself on this day even though I was wearing P20! I think this close to the equator you need factor 50 regardless of your skin type.

I've learnt my lesson for my India trip next month!

Aneesha and I both had a massage on the beach just before sunset and it was so nice to relax after quite an active trip

Plus the sunset was beautiful!

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for our first night outout

Aneesha was ill again and sorely missed :(

I was very excited to finally get to salsa so we went to a salsa bar

And I had a few dances

Always nice to be able to put your skills to use in a real environment!

Rather than just in a salsa class or a salsa club in London.

We met a couple of oddballs at this bar...and by oddballs I mean two guys who told me how much acid they'd done and how trippy it was to see monkeys...

And then tried to get us to go in their car with them down to the beach to do more drugs.

Not my scene at all.

We managed to ditch them and headed off to another bar which was basically someones back garden with music in it and a bar.

It felt very authentic to be at what was basically a house party in the middle of Costa Rica!

The next morning we had to check out :(

So I spent the morning soaking up the sun

Trying to get as much of a tan as possible!
I didn't do too badly bearing in mind we had less than two days there!

We had a final lunch ... you can tell what Aneesha thought of this drink!

And then we made our mark before driving back to San Jose

We arrived back into San Jose quite late and headed out for our final dinner at a restaurant called Machu Picchu.

This place was fancier than the other restaurants we'd been to on the trip and the food was pretty good! Its got 4 stars on trip advisor so I recommend if you're in the city.

We were there to not only toast to the end of our trip...but to celebrate Alex's birthday

The next day was a cominbation of saying goodbye to the amazing people we'd met...and killing time before our flight.

Then it was time to leave Costa Rica behind

Such a beautiful country

I can't wait to explore more of Central and South America!

Costa Rica - Day 7 - Quepos

Monday, 21 March 2016

After a soaking wet day ziplining we bundled all our wet clothes in bags and drove to the beach

For some well deserved sunshine

We hung our clothes out on the balcony while admiring the wild hummingbirds, threw on a bikini and rushed down to the beach

For some AMAZING fish tacos!

These were SO good!

We then headed down to the beach for a swim and some sun before the sunset

This chap offered to make us mojitos...

and we couldn't refuse!

We had such a nice afternoon

Soaking up the sun!

The benefits of going on hol with your bestie - they don't judge your photoshoots...

and in fact suggest things that make them better...

Like this!

We stayed until sunset

And then headed back to the hotel to get ready to go out

Aneesha wasn't feeling very well, so she stayed in bed and the rest of us ventured out to find dinner...

And icecream!

I can't tell you how nice it is to go from a cold place to a warm one!

No idea why I live in the UK!

Costa Rica - Day 6 - Monteverde's Ziplining

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Welcome to a blog about the wettest day of my life.

I thought when I was 11 and my parents made me canoe down the Dordogne and sleep in tents when it was pissing with rain I would never be more drenched.

I was so wrong!

Here's the thing - I understand that it rains in a rainforest, I'm not an idiot...I took a waterproof jacket!

But when its sheets of rain, its freezzinnng and the wind is howling it doesn't feel like a rainforest in Costa Rica it feels like being in the North of Scotland on an unpleasant day.

Anyway that's a very negative way to start this so lets look at the positives...

A rainbowww :)

We started the day at a Cloud Forest Reserve where we went for a walk to try and see some of the wildlife.

There are loads of big cats on this reserve but apparently even the people who work there never see them

They have evidence though!

I love big cats

We wandered through the jungle looking for wildlife. The problem is a sloth is very hard to distinguish from a big pile of moss if it's sleeping in a tree. Apparently we saw one though.

And we definitely saw a huge ass orange tarantula which was living in a hole. Our guide shone his light into the hole and we all got to have a look.

We also saw the elusive Quetzal bird which are so hard to see but it was the wrong sex so it wasn't the brightly coloured one you see all over postcards.

Still got to say we saw it though!

It really was the most miserable weather and at this point Aneesha went inside whilst the rest of us finished the walk.

There is so much wildlife in Costa Rica - that is what its famous for - I just wish it hadn't rained quite so much.

Now my friend Aneesha doesn't really like animals...she's even scared of my flatmate's cat

So when I heard that she'd found this on her neck I nearly wet myself laughing!

That was one of the great things about having one of my best friends on this trip - so many belly laughs! Even if this one was at her expense!

We moved on from the cloud forest reserve to go zip lining at 100% Aventura and at this point we were a little bit apprehensive about how safe it was in the wind.

But Pamela said it would be fine and I'm so glad we did it.

We got strapped into our kit

Terrified that it wouldn't be strapped in right so we asked the guys for quite a lot of reassurance

All ready to go!

I'm pretty scared of heights so its quite a big deal I'm smiling in this picture!

We gathered round to listen to safety instructions and made sure we were paying serious attention!

And then it was time to go!

The first few ziplines are quite short and easy so that you get used to the idea of it

I actually prefered the longer more scary ones because on the shorter ones you had to pull your hand down on the line to slow down

Whereas the big ones you slowed down automatically so there was less to think about

After a few of the short ziplines we got to a section where there was a rappel down..

As you can see I was not happy about this at all as you basically just dropped to the floor!

Not a happy bunny!

Once that was out the way we were back to ziplining and this time it was a reallyyy long one between two of the hills

You can't really see how long it was because of the rain but it was pretty amazing to fly over the trees

We then went on to do two long superman ziplines which means you lie on your front with your back connected so you are literally supermanning through the air.

This was insane. The rain and wind were blowing us all over the place but it was SO amazing to fly through the forest for 1km! They're the longest ziplines in Central America!

If I had a superpower I would definitely want to fly

After the last superman there were two options...finish...or do the tarzan swing.

The tarzan swing is the highest in Costa Rica at 148 ft hight and 294 ft in length.

As I'd managed to conquer my fear of heights I figured I would do it!

I was the first to do it and so I didn't quite know what to expect.

It was TERRIFYING! I swore so much and screamed but felt completely exhilarated afterwards and wanted to go again!

You can see a video on my instagram:

When we finished the tarzan swing it was time to head home to the hotel.
We were literally so so cold and our clothes and shoes were drenched so we ended up just washing them all in the sink.

That leaves you with the issue of having no dry shoes to wear to dinner though...when its pissing down with rain.

So with wet shoes, many pairs of socks and a wet hoodie I consumed wine from this plastic cup

And it did make me feel slightly better!

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