Lush Review - Milky Bath and Peeping Santa Bubble Bars

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

As you already flat doesn't have a bath! 

So whilst I was at my parents for Christmas (which seems like forever ago!) I got a couple of Lush Bubble Bar's to try out!

Whenever I go homehome I alwayysss bath!

The first is this Milky Bath

It's shaped like a milk bottle and is a really creamy bubble bar

I broke off half... including the cocoa butter lid (as I wanted the better of the two baths for my first!)

And crumbled it under the tap

The lid made a bit of a mess

But it washed off easily!

These bubbles didn't look exciting...but my skin felt soooo soft afterwards

The ingredients are orange oil, milk and patchouli...which I can't pretend I know the scent of...but it smelled clean and fresh rather than a sweet bubble bar like the Candy Mountain which I review here

The next Bubble Bar I tried was the Peeping Santa - which very appropriately Father Christmas got for me!

How cute is this!

Its quite a stiff one so tricky to break apart without making a massive mess!

I used the bottom half with part of the cocoa and shea butter centre

Crumbling this under the tap made the bath a lot more exciting than the Milky Bath one

The whole bath turned dark red and it smells like strawberry and vanilla 

Quite a sweet smell and the bath was really moisturising

But once I'd got out the bath and all the bubbles were gone it did look a little ominous!

Maybe I'll try one of their bright blue ones next!

Let me know if you recommend any!


  1. I do the exact same thing! I have no bath at uni and I am a bath lover! I always bulk buy before going home over Christmas or other holidays just so I can use them. I've heard mixed reviews about Milky bath but weirdly I am one of those people who isn't too bothered whether it's brightly coloured or not but more how my skin feels after so this sounds perfect for me! I also loved Peeping Santa this Christmas but I was a little disappointed in the bubbles too! Definitely give Floating Island, Marshmallow Moments and Rose Jam a try, they are my all-time favourites :) xx

    1. Oo marshmallow moments sounds right up my street I'll check it out!!




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