Costa Rica - Day 1 & 2 San Jose and La Fortuna

Thursday, 3 March 2016

I kind of booked Costa Rica on a whim...

I always get Wanderlust in January and want to flee the cold weather to a beautiful warm country I've never visited before.

Luckily I'm in the position where I can do such things.

Last year I booked Brazil...this year I booked Costa Rica.

I messaged one of my besties Aneesha (her blog is here) on the day I booked the trip and she said that she would love to go to Costa Rica too..

...obviously I said come too!!

Three weeks later we were off!

At stupid oclock in the morning. Just a note if you're ever getting a transfer to Heathrow from London, don't use the Keen Group. They arrived late, on the wrong street, he left the windows open the entire drive even though it was 4.30am and freezing and listened to a programme on mouse genetics at full volume the entire trip.

On the plus side he drove fast and made up for the time he'd lost by being late...but driving this fast did not make me feel particularly safe!

Anyway... I got to Heathrow, met Aneesha and we flew to Madrid.

You can't get direct flights to Costa Rica so unfortunately we had to transfer in Madrid

And then do the LONG flight to Costa Rica. We went with BA/Iberia and unfortunately Iberia didn't seat us together for the long haul part of the journey. I mostly watched films but it would have been nice to be together!

When we arrived at San Jose airport we were greeted by beautiful sunshine 

And a driver from G Adventures.

I booked my whole trip through G Adventures which is the same company I used for Brazil.

I can't recommend them enough, they organise everything and show you as much of a country as they can in a short period of time.

It means you can travel without taking a "Gap Year"

I only had to take 6 days holiday from work and we fitted a lot in!

When we got to our hotel in San Jose (Hotel El Sesteo) we just checked in, met our group (including our CEO Pamela - who is so lovely!) and headed out to a local "Soda" for dinner. 

Soda's are local restaurants and they serve a variety of local food. I had a Casado which is a plate with some kind of meat (I had chicken) rice, beans and salad or vegetables.

Costa Rican's have beans and rice with every meal...every meal, even breakfast. I really like Casados and happily ate them for most of the trip...but I draw the line at rice for breakfast!

The next morning, feeling a bit more human after an early night we drove to a coffee plantation.

En-route we stopped off at a beautiful waterfall to take pictures

My sunglasses are Quay My Girls - I have them in various colours and you can find them here

After our little break we carried on until we reached the Mi Cafecito Coffee Plantation in Sarapiqui

A guide called David showed us around the plantation and taught us all about Costa Rican coffee

The coffee plantation is part of a cooperative and local coffee plantations bring their coffee "cherries" (the fruit which surrounds the coffee bean) to this plantation to process. 

We talked about the growing of the "cherries" as well as harvesting, removing the bean, drying the beans and then roasting and separating them. The final step was getting to try the coffee!

It was pretty delish and I brought some back for the special coffee loving men in my life

We also learnt about some of the other produce that the plantation makes. Including sugar cane juice and rum.

Both were delicious and sweet!

After a morning in the sun being educated we paused for lunch

This is what I mean by chicken rice and beans. I believe this was described as chicken fajitas as there is a tortilla wrap on the plate. But it was basically a Casado...a really yummy one at that!

Once we had finished lunch we got back in the van to finish our journey to La Fortuna.

Pamela (our CEO - Chief Experience Officer) told us not to be too disappointed if we couldn't see the top of the Arenal Volcano as she hadn't seen it since November because of the cloud cover.

Fortunately we were very lucky!

Until 2010 the Arenal Volcano was Costa Rica's most active, in fact in 1968 it erupted and buried three villages killing 87 is now dormant 

Despite it being dormant it still heats local hotsprings!

That evening we went to a nearby hotspring which was pretty much like a swimming pool...but it was really warm because of the hot spring water being pumped into it.

We had some drinks, turned very wrinkly and spent some time getting to know our group more...

before heading home to bed utterly exhausted.

...which as you will see seemed to be the theme for the trip!


  1. Loved our adventure so much! Can't wait for more of this blog :) xxx


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