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Monday, 29 February 2016

In the past when I've had photos printed I've just used PhotoBox or Tesco Photo Printing.

I'm sure you all know, they print your pictures 5x7 and there's not much more to it.

A company called Cheerz contacted me to see whether I wanted to check out their photo printing service instead.

They print photo strips and polaroids as well as posters magnets etc etc.

The thing that stood out to me as my favourites were the strips and the polaroids.

I ordered two and a few days later they arrived in the post

I got 5 strips of 4 pictures and I picked all the pictures from my facebook and instagram

Its really easy to select photos and pick the order you want them in

And they look so cute! You can even add text at the bottom 

I stuck mine on my fridge!

The strips are £6.50 for 5 which is more reasonable than if you go to a photobooth and have a strip of pictures done with your mates.

Have you ever noticed how expensive those things are?

I also got one of Cheerz Boxes which was full of 30 of my favourite pictures!

One of these boxes costs £13 so 43p per print plus you get the box

I picked pictures of me with all my favourite friends!

Didn't quite appreciate how many photos that would be! It was quite hard to pick enough pictures but I love them!

I put a few in frames

but then changed my mind and moved them to these coasters

and stuck some in my beauty room

If you're interested in ordering from Cheerz and getting some cute prints I have a discount code for you to get £4 off your first order of more than £8.

Just enter:


at checkout.

I feel like noone ever prints pictures anymore...its such a shame! Go on make an album, stick them on your fridge or give them to your friends!

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