Cheerz Photo Printing

Monday, 29 February 2016

In the past when I've had photos printed I've just used PhotoBox or Tesco Photo Printing.

I'm sure you all know, they print your pictures 5x7 and there's not much more to it.

A company called Cheerz contacted me to see whether I wanted to check out their photo printing service instead.

They print photo strips and polaroids as well as posters magnets etc etc.

The thing that stood out to me as my favourites were the strips and the polaroids.

I ordered two and a few days later they arrived in the post

I got 5 strips of 4 pictures and I picked all the pictures from my facebook and instagram

Its really easy to select photos and pick the order you want them in

And they look so cute! You can even add text at the bottom 

I stuck mine on my fridge!

The strips are £6.50 for 5 which is more reasonable than if you go to a photobooth and have a strip of pictures done with your mates.

Have you ever noticed how expensive those things are?

I also got one of Cheerz Boxes which was full of 30 of my favourite pictures!

One of these boxes costs £13 so 43p per print plus you get the box

I picked pictures of me with all my favourite friends!

Didn't quite appreciate how many photos that would be! It was quite hard to pick enough pictures but I love them!

I put a few in frames

but then changed my mind and moved them to these coasters

and stuck some in my beauty room

If you're interested in ordering from Cheerz and getting some cute prints I have a discount code for you to get £4 off your first order of more than £8.

Just enter:


at checkout.

I feel like noone ever prints pictures anymore...its such a shame! Go on make an album, stick them on your fridge or give them to your friends!

1000 Follower Giveaway

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My first blog post was on 20th May 2014 and since then 1000 of you lovely people have followed me on Bloglovin and my blog has had 73,000 views!

To celebrate and to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, laugh at my dating stories, follow my recipes and take my makeup advice I've decided to do a giveaway.

And not just any giveaway...a great one!

Or at least I think so!

One lucky person will win a set of the Royal and Langnickel Love Is... Patience brushes!

I bought a set of these at IMATS and I absolutely love them

There are so many eye brushes and in terms of face brushes the stippling one and the contour one are some of my faves!

The pictures above are of my brushes, the set I'm giving away is new and boxed.

To enter just use the Rafflecopter Links below!

Good Luck :)

Terms and Conditions

- Please note this giveaway is only available to UK residents The giveaway will close on the Thursday 24th March 2016 and I will announce the winner on Friday 25th March on twitter and on my facebook page - Please make sure you enter a relevant email address as I will be emailing the winner! 

- If the prize hasn't been claimed by 72 hours I will draw another winner, so keep an eye on your emails!

Depotting eyeshadows into my Z Palette

Monday, 22 February 2016

For Christmas I got a Z Palette from my brother and his wife

In case you don't know what a Z Palette is, its basically an empty palette which you can put all your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers etc into

I filled mine up and it now looks like this

In fact since taking these pictures I bought another Z Palette from BeautyBay.

So I now have all my eyeshadows in this cool New York themed palette and all my facepowders in a black one.

The eyeshadows I put in these palettes were quite tricky to extract from some of their plastic casing so I thought I'd show you how!

Look at all that space I've saved 

The first thing I depotted was this Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

The metal pans just popped straight out and were already no trouble here!

For this Kiko Palette the pans also popped straight out...but then the little pans had plastic bottoms

To remove a pan from the plastic bottom you do the following:

Get some greaseproof paper, a hair straightener and a pointy knife or spatula
I used a needle and a sharp knife until I bought the spatula from the Z Palette brand

You lay the plastic pan on a piece of greaseproof paper and put it on one of the hot plates of your straightener.
Leave it for about 30 seconds and then see if you can stick your knife down the edge of the metal pan to prize it out.

If the glue hasn't melted then pop it back on the straighter to melt a little long.

Basically the metal pan is stuck onto the plastic pan and you need to melt the glue.

The Kiko ones were pretty easy to do.

MAC however was so difficult 

Look how broken my eyshadow is now...prizing it out meant that the shadow cracked which didn't happen with any others
Apparently, if it does crack you can pour rubbing alcohol on and it will all stick back together. I haven't tried this but maybe google it!

You can see how much glue was in the bottom!

I also peeled the label with the shadow name off the bottom and stuck that on

This colour is Mulch

The NYX shadows (down the left) and Benefit shadows (bottom left) were really easy to get out and the Inglot shadows (bottom right) were sold seperately like this so I had no problem

Some shadows won't be magnetic, but fortunately the palette comes with sticky magnetics you can put on

Just write the name on the bottom of the magnet and you're good to go

The only thing I'm having a dilemma with is whether to break up some of my nicer palettes to put in...such a difficult choice!

For the time being I'll stick with what I've got!

Hope this was helpful.




Lush Review - Milky Bath and Peeping Santa Bubble Bars

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

As you already flat doesn't have a bath! 

So whilst I was at my parents for Christmas (which seems like forever ago!) I got a couple of Lush Bubble Bar's to try out!

Whenever I go homehome I alwayysss bath!

The first is this Milky Bath

It's shaped like a milk bottle and is a really creamy bubble bar

I broke off half... including the cocoa butter lid (as I wanted the better of the two baths for my first!)

And crumbled it under the tap

The lid made a bit of a mess

But it washed off easily!

These bubbles didn't look exciting...but my skin felt soooo soft afterwards

The ingredients are orange oil, milk and patchouli...which I can't pretend I know the scent of...but it smelled clean and fresh rather than a sweet bubble bar like the Candy Mountain which I review here

The next Bubble Bar I tried was the Peeping Santa - which very appropriately Father Christmas got for me!

How cute is this!

Its quite a stiff one so tricky to break apart without making a massive mess!

I used the bottom half with part of the cocoa and shea butter centre

Crumbling this under the tap made the bath a lot more exciting than the Milky Bath one

The whole bath turned dark red and it smells like strawberry and vanilla 

Quite a sweet smell and the bath was really moisturising

But once I'd got out the bath and all the bubbles were gone it did look a little ominous!

Maybe I'll try one of their bright blue ones next!

Let me know if you recommend any!

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