What I got for my 26th Birthday

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

On the 16th January it was my birthday (sorry I'm totally dragging this out!) 

I did a Get Ready With Me blog which you can find here if you're interested in what makeup I did for my birthday night out!

I felt so spoilt on my birthday, I just got lovely things from lovely people. I'm not trying to show off so don't take this as that! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who got me something and document it!

First of all I got lots and lots of cards!

Can you tell I like cats?

In fact a really lovely birthday present was this boy arrived home!

He'd been staying with his grandparents over Christmas
I was so pleased to see him I didn't even mind the fact he lay on my Hermes!

In no particular order - my friend Corneliu got me a huge box of these amazing chocolates.

I'm doing clean living so planned on saving them...but it was my birthday and so that went terribly! YUM!

Two of my friends work a Burberry...so I got Burberry gifts :)
This Burberry Body perfume smells amazing! I've been wearing it everyday so thank you Sara!

And the lipsticks are from my flatmate Louisa

They're in the colour Rose Pink and Pink Apricot

This one is Rose Pink

And this is Rose Apricot

Love them!

Sara also got me a Disney bathbomb! Which I'm saving for a special bathtimeoccasion!

And Louisa stuck with the cat theme and got me some Candy Kittens - thank you :)

I cracked into the chocolates...but these I've managed to save!

I also got some socks from my Second Mummy (Jess' Mummy) and the cat ones are from Louisa

This Peony and Sweet Pea candle is from my Second Mummy again and that one is living beside my bed :)

And my friend Daisy got me the tropical candle which smells SO good and this gorgeous vase which matches perfectly in my grey themed flat.

More cat themed things :) 

This cheeky cheshire cat from my friend Anurag

And perfume from my brother and his wife 

God I really was spoilt this blog is long!

I got two Konjac sponges from my parents which I love to use

And from my Godsister Katie I got the best Kitchen item ever!
I eat avocados everyday so this was right up my street and it actually works so well!

Katie also got me some Rasberry Gin which I'm rather excited to try!

More candles - this time from my parents

They're little White Company tea lights and I got realllyyy thin little china pots to put them in 

When you light the candles the china is so thin that they glow!

Time for another kitchen utensil - this time a melon slicer from my Mummy

And then a shotglass which has tsp/tbsp/ml etc measurements on it! 

And a beauty blender ... LOVE getting a new beauty blender!

Sticking with face items...

My friend Karlie got me such a thoughtful gift!

All the travel sizes of my skincare for me to use when I go to Costa Rica next month!
Love Liz Earle products 

An amazingly generous unexpected gift were these Ruby earrings from my Uncle Bill - they are so beautiful and I didn't expect them at all

I also got my very own "Carrie" necklace from my friend Alice
Which is so delicate and lovely! I've been wearing it everyday.

The final item I have barely taken off!

Its this fleecy jumper from Next - my friend Fran got it for me and it is the softest thing in the worldddd

Do you like my sexy My Little Pony PJs?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! To everyone who got me presents or cards or wished me Happy Birthday - I got some really lovely things and such thoughtful things!

Thank you


Finally a little present for myself! I got my Front Helix Pierced on my birthday
Love it!


  1. You were really spoiled but for sure u deserve everything. You have such a beautiful cat! Stunning really. x



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