What I got for Christmas 2015

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

This is a little late! Sorry I was skiing and didn't have my laptop with me to transfer these pictures.

Hopefully you'll forgive me!

Christmas this year was so lovely. I went home to my parents and as we were going skiing on Boxing Day we did our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve and my brother, his wife and her parents came over.

We are quite a small family so it was nice to have a few more people!

By the way do you like my heels? I bought them just before Xmas in the sale they're Kurt Geiger and you can find them here but they were in the House of Fraser sale

Moving on...

I prepped the dinner...

And we had an amazing turkey crown.

I put herb butter under the skin which made it extra moist!

That evening we did the presents to and from my brother and then the next morning it was just my parents, my uncle and me left to open my stocking and other presents. (Which you'll see below)

After presents we headed off to my best friends house for champagne

Before coming home to watch films, drink wine and make dubsmashes - then it was time for an early bed before a 3.30am start for skiing!

Now for the bit you're actually probably interested in 

Here is what Father Christmas got me in my Stocking!
  • I always get Ralph Lauren socks and Calvin Klein knickers...this year Father Christmas noted that I am not a small in knickers...which was nice of him as I can actually wear these ones!
  • I also got a Lush Father Christmas bath bomb (review to come)
  • Molton Brown handsoap for my house
  • Eyecream - he's also noted that I am getting under eye wrinkles - so I'm very excited about this Elemis Advanced Eye Treatment
  • Some Champney's Face masks
  • Cupcake cases
  • Chocolates and Chocolate coins ...which because of Clean Living January I've had to give away!
  • A chocolate orange - which I ate ALL of on Xmas day :)
  • A Hangover Kit - which will be useful for my birthday this weekend
  • Kitchen sizzors and a soap that gets garlic off your hands
  • Benefit eyecream and face ream samples...

And I think that's it!
Very good haul FC!

Now for my presents from people I actually know! I had my kitchen redone in November and my parents contributed as my Christmas present...so I wasn't really expecting much but they spoiled me anyway which was unnecessary but lovely - especially as they took me skiing the next day!

From my parents I got:
  • A glass carafe
  • Syner Protein (ladddd! I have it everyday for my breakfast!)
  • Some colouring pens for my grown up colouring book I got last year
  • and the Benefit Real Cheeky Party palette!

I really like this palette!

The Rockateur blush (middle top) might be my new favourite...but actually I love them all!

  • From my Godmother I got a Ladies That Lunch Calendar (sorry its a bit covered in the photo)
  • From my brother I got a Z Palette and the MAC Pencil in Morning Coffee (I FREAKING LOVE both of these presenttsss!!)
This lip liner is suchhh a nice colour - ignore Soar, ignore Whirl...next time you go into MAC try out Morning Coffee on your hand!

My brother and his wife got me this Z Palette when they went to New York and it is sooo cool! I've wanted a Z Palette for ages. If you don't know what they are you basically depot all of your eyeshadows, blushes etc and can put them (magnetically) into this one palette. I'm obsessed! A blog post is coming soon on how I depotted as its actually trickier than I thought!

  • And then that beautiful brown box is from my bestie Aneesha (check out her blog here) Its full of Burberry treats which I'll show you more of below..

These are my fancyyyy presents!

As mentioned above these Burberry items are from my friend Aneesha

The nail varnish is in the colour Ox Blood and it is my perfectttt colour - I have it on now

And the lipstick (which is in beautiful magentic packaging - I love when the lids are magnetic!) is (I think) also the colour Oxblood

Its stunningggg and really creamy!

The other box in the trio was the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid liquid highlighter - I used it under my foundation the other day and I looked so dewy

The next two items are from my Uncle Bill - the best Uncle...

He got me this beautiful Hermes scarf - he's bought me two in the past which are smaller but this one is massive so it can be used to drape over your shoulder as well as tie round your neck

My final item from my Uncle Bill- might by my favourite ... no offence to the others!

They are these Victoria Secret Silk Pyjamas.. I have been eyeing these up but couldn't justify buying them myself. 

I never want to sleep in anything else - I had to wash them the other day and sleep in regular PJs and I felt so vanilla! Not like my fancy silk PJs where I feel like a Queen

Such generous presents from the people I love! Thank you so much everyone!

What is your favourite thing you got for Christmas? Comment below or tweet me at @evhaworth to let me know!

Merry Belated Christmas from me to you XXX


  1. Great photos!! Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!! Happy New Year dear!!
    Kisses and hugs from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

    1. Thank you :) Happy new year! Hope you had a great Christmas X

  2. Congratulations, hope you had a good christmas and happy 2016!



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