Topshop and Boots Mini Haul

Thursday, 21 January 2016

The weekend of the 9th was my first back in London so I had a pretty chilled one which was needed after the hecticness of Christmas.

Plus I'm doing Clean Living for January and I find I eat less if I don't have plans. That sounds really sad...but its true!

To entertain myself I went shopping so I thought I'd show you some of the bits I got!

(Maybe I've replaced an addiction to sugar, caffeine and alcohol with shopping!)

Let's start with makeup and accessories...

I'm going to Costa Rica next I needed some new sunglasses...

Needed is a strong word - I don't neeeedd any of this stuff!

Wanted new sunglasses.

These are the Quay Amanda and they are sooo beautiful!

I love Quay glasses!

Mirrored glasses are the best as noone can see your eyes...but they're very hard to photograph without getting your arm in the pic!

See below...

Another very exciting purchase is the EX1 F100 foundation.

I already have it in F200 which as you can see I've used nearly half of

The F200 is perfect for when I have a tan but I wanted the lighter one for when I'm not tanned.

It is suchhhh a good foundation and is for people with olive undertones so it works perfectly on me. It isn't matte it just looks like healthy skin

IN LOVE! Never want another foundation again and that really is saying something!
You can buy it from Topshop on Oxford Street or Online

The next thing is this Matte Ink Eyeliner from Maybelline.
It goes on really well, but I actually noticed today after wearing it 8 hours its smudged onto my eyelid :( so maybe its just one for a night out or needs to be set with black eyeshadow.

The final makeup item is this Maybelline setting spray (left hand side)

I've wondered for a while why makeup brands make setting sprays for the US but not the UK but now L'Oreal and Maybelline have brought them to England!

As you can see I have a few setting sprays and I think the following:

Maybelline - shake it really well as otherwise you get white dots on your face - not ideal but works well if shaken.
Make up Academy Pro-Base - I wouldn't recommend this it sprays out so much that you get a really really wet face...not a good nozzle
L'Oreal Infallible (this is the US packaging but I assume the formula is the same) - this one is my favourite and I've nearly finished it WAH!
KIKO Face Makeup Fixer - this is the only aerosol and it is really alcoholy! Like it smells of alcohol which isn't pleasant but you're face doesn't get wet which is good.

Moving onto fashion - something I'm not very good at!

I bought three things from Topshop:

These Jamie ripped jeans which I'm obsessed with! I never wear lighter jeans but I love these!

This Topshop body which has a high neck (very unlike me) but a bar across the back which makes it a bit more interesting

I wore these together on Saturday and actually really liked how it looked

Got to at least try to be demure now I'm 26!

Finally I got this waterfall jacket from downstairs in Oxford Street Topshop

It looks like nothing special but it is a really nice shape

I got a 12 because they didn't have a 10 but I like that its a bit bigger

Its from the brand Jovonna and is kind of shaped like a short mac when it is tied up by drapes really nicely untied.

Hard to describe...but I like it!

Have you treated yourself to anything in the January sales? Add the links to your haul blogs below and I'll check them out.

Just to clarify the only thing actually in the sale was the jacket...I'm a bad sale shopper!


  1. I love the Maybelline setting spray, I find that spraying it bit further away helps to prevent the white spots too. I recently picked up EX1 and I love it! I also love that jacket! xx

    1. That's a good tip! I'll try it further away from my face!



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