My birthday weekend - The Railway Children and LumiereLDN

Thursday, 28 January 2016

I had the best birthday weekend celebrating with my favourite people so I thought I'd let you know what I did as it was kind of a three day affair!

On Friday which was the day before my friend Alice took me out to lunch at one of my favourite restaurants Randall & Aubin and after a few too many proseccos I headed home to mine to get ready!

My best friends Katie and Jess (check out her blog here) came over...then my flatmate Louisa came home...and we all got ready to go out!

Here's the makeup look I did - the blog on this is here if you're interested

We went to Northcote Records where I'd booked an area and nearly all of my favourite people managed to make it!

It was so nice to have my home friends, work friends, salsa friends, family etc all together!

I had planned to do a dinner for about 10 people but actually going out and not having to pick and choose was so much nicer!

At midnight everyone sung me happy birthday and I felt so loved and just a tiny bit drunk that I called it a night!

I'm an old lady now - 26 - so half 12 is more than late enough for me!

The next morning I woke up with a headache but no real hangover ready to hit the shops with my bestie Jess.

We got our glam on...duh its my birthday...and then headed out into the very cold sunshine
Hence the fur and sunglasses 

I was so pleased it was sunny :)

Merlin even put on his bowtie just for my birthday!

We headed to The Diner near Carnaby Street for brunch and I had a definite cheat meal! Pancakes, bacon and eggs with an iced coffee with real dairy milk!

So rebellious!

Our next stop was Topshop on Oxford Street where I went downstairs to get my Front Helix pierced

I was unusually nervous, but it actually hurt the least out of all of the piercings I've had! The girl at Metal Morphosis (which is the place downstairs in Topshop) was so good and she did it with very little pain.

I think it looks SO cool! I think its my favourite, its much more subtle than my regular Helix which I had done in the summer.

Whilst in Topshop I also bought these new Quay My Girl sunnies! I've actually done a blog on what I bought myself for my birthday so stay tuned!

In Selfridges we picked up cupcakes from Lola's Cupcakes 
Top to bottom - Coconut, Hazelnut Chocolate, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter

We took these home once we'd finished shopping as my parents came over and Louisa came home for tea and cake.

I had the coconut one and it was super delicious! They always are whatever flavour you get!

That evening after we'd had cake and presents we got dressed up ready for dinner!

My parents took me and Jess to Langan's

Its such an old school fish restaurant and I love it

I obviously had fish - the pan friend cod

And then - although I was stuffed - the waiters brought me sweet treats for my birthday!

Jess and I thought about going clubbing afterwards...but instead with full tummies we put on our silk pjs and pretty much went straight to sleep when we got home!

The next day (Sunday) Jess and I had planned a cultural day...

We obviously got our glam on again

And we headed to Kings Cross to go and see the Railway Children.

We got tickets for £25 each and they were in the third row! That's pretty darn reasonable for London!

The play was really good - its a pop up theatre over the railway track so a real steam train comes through the centre.

It is a little cold though so take a we thought it was a isn't!

Once the show had finished we went outside to see the Lumiere had lit up London!

Lumiere was a three day light installation which literally lit up London.

It was so cool to see part of it, especially as it was on for such a short time!

We took the obligatory OOTD's ... well we are bloggers after all 

And then headed into the warmth to go to Platform 9 3/4

To see the Alan Rickman / Snape memorial 

So sad :( 


To cheer me up I played with an owl who looked like me in my coat!

Then it was time for a brief dinner at Wagamamas and home...

A very busy weekend and the BEST birthday weekend I've ever had!


  1. Great post, love the makeup look! H x

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Love your forward helix! I chickened out of getting mine done last year and regret it so much! Would love to hear how you get on with healing etc when you've had it in for a few months!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. You should go back and do it :) It was the least painful and it already after two weeks doesn't hurt - whereas my helix still hurts if I knock it!



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