A Colourpop Haul with Kylie Jenner Dupes - And How To Order From The UK!

Saturday, 9 January 2016

For about a year I've been lusting after Colourpop.

Kathleen Lights created Lumiere (her lippie stick) with them last November and since then I've been so intrigued.

All the American Youtubers seem to have the eyeshadows, the lippie sticks and now the liquid lipsticks.

In America they're so cheap! $5 for a lippy stick, $6 for a liquid lipstick and $5 for an eyeshadow...pretty reasonable! Unfortunately, they don't ship to the UK.

The straw that broke the camels back was when Kylie Jenner brought out her lip kits... $29 for a liquid lipstick and lipliner...which sold out in 30 seconds...

I was sat online refreshing my page WILLING to pay that much for one lip kit...but of course I failed.

Over the next week the internet went wild for the lip kits and lots of people noted that ColourPop had very similar dupes. Did Kylie get her Lip Kits made by ColourPop? Or was this just coincidence.

Either way $5 for one liquid lip compared to $29 for one of Kylie's? I was going to find a way to order ColourPop to the UK!

I did a bit of Googling and found a Company called ShipIto.

Basically you sign up with them, verify you are who you are by scanning your driving license, verifying a credit card and paying a $5 deposit.

You then receive an address two in the US and one in Austria. These are addresses with your name so you can send anything to those addresses and it will be in your name.

Websites are usually funny about shipping to somewhere without the same recipient name as your credit card.

It was a bit of a faff verifying my credit card etc . They charge you an amount under $5 and then ask you to put in the exact amount charged onto their website so they know you own the card, that amount then makes up part of your deposit. I found that it took a while for this payment to show up on my card so I just rang the bank...which can leave you on hold for a while.

I'm trying to be completely honest about this process...it isn't the easiest thing I've ever done!

Once I was verified I was ready to make my order with ColourPop.

By the way if you sign up to the ColourPop newsletter you get $5 off your first order!

Anyway I made my order:

Lumiere Lippie Stick (Kathleen Lights Collab)

Lumiere Lip Pencil (Kathleen Lights Collab)
Beeper Liquid Lipstick (Dupe for KJ Dolce K)
Clueless Liquid Lipstick (Dupe for KJ Candy K)
Trap Liquid Lipstick (One of LustreLux's Faves)
The Where The Light Is Palette (Kathleen Lights Collab)

I didn't think KJ True Brown would be as wearable so I didn't order Limbo which is the dupe for that one.

My order came to $48 with free shipping...I then got my $5 off but got charged tax of $3.22 (just weird that American's add tax at the end!) so my total to pay was $46.23

I placed the order to arrive at my ShipIt address in California as ColourPop are based there so that made the most sense.

There was a bit of a delay at ColourPop's end because of Christmas so although I ordered on the 3rd December, ShipIt did not receive my package until 16th December.

At that point their service is really good. They send you pictures of your package so you can confirm its what you ordered and if you pay extra they can open it to check what's inside etc...but as ColourPop write ColourPop in big sparkly letters on the outside of their package I didn't need that.

It was then time to pick what kind of shipping I wanted.

Now I hadn't quite appreciated how much this would cost...

If you wanted it shipped by airmail which could take up to 40 business days (!!!) it cost about $9. Not unreasonable.

But if you wanted it within a week it was about $39

I just bit the bullet and figured I would do this process quickly. So I paid the $39 and just tried to justify that that is only a bit more than how much one lip kit would have cost me...plus I would have paid international postage on it.

The cost of $39 was to have it posted with DHL and to be fair it arrived 4 days later on the 20th December (a Sunday)

So quite a quick process really.

In my head I was ok with spending $85.23 on this makeup as that's about £57 and although that's a bit ridiculous I really wanted this stuff.

5 lip items and 4 eyeshadows...so really only about £6 per item.

I'm ok with that.

What I'm not ok with is I got a text from DHL saying that as I was shipping makeup into the UK I had a customs charge of £20 to pay before my package was delivered.

I'd come this far so I paid it...but £77 seems much more unreasonable.

It made everything £8.50 per item now.

So that's still not terrible. I just have to think of it like that.

But instead of £3.50 per item I was now paying £8.50.

American's you have it lucky!

Was I glad I made the order? Yes because all of the stuff is amazing and I would pay £8.50 per item...

Will I be making another order? Probably not..

Would you pay that much for ColourPop items?

Have you tried a shipping company to get American products to the UK?

Let me know below.

Now for the bit you've been waiting forrrrr! The haul!

I very much appreciate the personalised message with a Game of Thrones quote!

Here are the items I received...

I love the glittery holographic packaging 

Let's start with the Lumiere lippie pencil and stick 

I think these are some of the creamiest lip products I've ever used

They are stunning either together or separately...

I feel like I am going to use these the most day to day and I'm worried for the day I run out of them!

Next are the liquid lipsticks...

Top to bottom: Trap, Beeper, Clueless

Can you tell I have a preference for nudes?

These stay on amazingly well and I think I actually prefer the formula to any other liquid lipstick - even my Lolita by Kat Von D

Below are swatches of all the lip products I got, as they look quite similar in the tubes!

From top to bottom: Lumiere Lippie Stick, Lumiere Lippie Pencil, Trap, Beeper, Clueless

Time for the prettiest packaging!

This is the Where The Light Is Palette from Kathleen Lights

You get four shades

Top left: Kathleen Lights
Top Right: Glow
Bottom Left: Blaze
Bottom Right: Cornelious 

These are such a strange but amazing bendable creamy texture - like no other eyeshadows I've used.

The top colour is Glow, this is a velvet matte vanilla colour and it is definitely the creamiest of the bunch

Next down is Cornelious this is a taupey matte brown, perfect for the crease

Next is Blaze which is a dark brown with lots of different colour glitter and a metallic finish, its very unique and I like it for the outer V for a smokey eye

Finally is the star of the show, Kathleen Lights this is a beautiful copper with a pearlised finish - it is STUNNING! 

These colours are best applied with you finger and are so pigmented.

Here is a look I did for a pre Christmas night out using the Where the Light Is Palette and Beeper liquid lipstick!

I loved the way it came out especially with the liquid liner on the inner corner

I hope you enjoyed this haul...which of the products do you like the look of most? Comment below and let me know!

Or alternatively, if you know of a cheaper way to ship to the UK I would greatly appreciate knowing!



  1. I ordered with Shipito as well, it went smoothly so I'm definitely up for doing another one (maybe to pick up those Kathleen Lights eyeshadows, as they look gorgeous) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. The eyeshadows are so beautiful! Did you find you got hit by a customs charge?



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