When you date your stalker...

Friday, 18 December 2015

This title sounds a lot worse than it is! Just bear that in mind and read on...

I kind of consider this blog a bit of a diary, so I like to look back on it and remember trips I've taken, recipes I made, restaurants I visited, makeup I wore and of course, dates I went on!

I was dating someone at the beginning of the autumn, a friend of a friend, but it fizzled out which was probably for the best as long term I don't think we would have had that much in common, although short term he was a lot of fun.

So I'm back in the dating game. A couple of months ago I went on two...

One was lovely...and one seriously pissed me off

So let's talk about the one that pissed me off. As you know by now, I only ever blog about a guy if there is no chance of anything happening with them and if they have done something worth writing about. The guy I went on a date with who was lovely won't be on the blog, because he was nice, did nothing to offend me and doesn't deserve to be named and shamed.

So let's talk about the one that does!

At the beginning of the week I got a random message on facebook from some (hot!) guy saying he'd seen me on bumble and he wanted to message me.

I was a bit confused as obviously the whole point of bumble is you swipe each other and match...he'd somehow got out of this process and googled me!

He will therefore from now on be know as The Stalker. You know how I love to nickname a guy! Makes it easier when me and my friends discuss them in our whatsapp group! 

Anyway, the general consensus from the whatsapp girls was YOLO.

So I gave him a chance, we messaged back and forward for hours and a couple of days later we went on a date. Ensuring that I informed the girls of where I was going and let them know when I got home!

We had a really good date at a local pub, chatted for hours and when he asked me to cancel my Saturday night plans to see him I was pretty pleased...

The next day it all changed...and I'm totally confused as to why! He messaged me in the morning asking if I got home safe and when I replied I got a one or two word answer back.

That evening I messaged him again, trying to start some kind of conversation, and again a one or two word answer back.

So I figured I'd leave him to message me. I'd messaged him twice, didn't want to seem keen and assumed he would speak to me the next day.

The next day came and went...

And then it was Saturday - the day of our second date.

I woke up early pottered around the house for a bit and then decided to message him at about 9am to say "are we still seeing each other tonight".

Five hours later...no response, so I just messaged again saying "That's just rude" 

I figured I'd tell him and say my bit rather than just delete the message completely. 

But to my surprise he responded basically saying that I hadn't messaged him for two days...I obviously said I did I sent the last message...and he said "well it wasn't a question"

... how petty is that!

I ended it by saying "I asked you a question this morning" i.e. are we still seeing each other tonight.

Then I archived him and didn't respond when he replied later in the day with some lame excuse. 

It actually bummed me out a bit, because I could see it going further than a few dates, and I haven't really felt like that much on dates recently.

Fortunately I picked myself up, went off to salsa the night away with my friends and forgot all about him.

I did feel like, although it doesn't matter now, I wish I knew what changed, from wanting me to cancel my plans and see him...to not wanting to see me at all. 

I think men are obvious, if they like you they'll make it known, if they don't you won't hear from them.

So he obviously doesn't like me....and it was weeksss ago so I'm really not bothered, but I wish I knew why.

Just like if you don't get a job after going for an interview you want constructive criticism!

Never mind.

I think the time has come to delete the dating apps and meet someone organically!

Which I'm sure I've said before?

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