Trying out Speed Dating...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

A couple of weekends ago I went Speed Dating...

Now I know a few people will think that's a pretty sad way to spend a Friday night...but I think Speed Dating has changed and actually it was a lot of fun!

Did I meet the man of my But did I have a fun evening? Yes.

The people at Speed Dater contacted me via Twitter to see if I'd ever been Speed Dating

I hadn't even ever really thought about it, but they asked me if I wanted to come along to one of their events to see what I thought.

I picked their Movember event (for men with facial hair!) as all the proceeds were going to go to charity and it sounded like one of their most popular ones!

They had loads of events to choose from including, speed dating, singles parties and activity events.

The event was on a Friday so I headed home to get ready before meeting my friend (who I had invited along) at the venue.

The cat was feeling a little worried for us

And I was feeling a little nervous too!

My friend and I were a bit early and didn't want to be the first ones we did what any nervous girls would do...

Ordered tequila at the bar across the road!

After some dutch courage we headed across to Eclipse which was the bar where the event was being held.

We arrived at the event, received name cards and a score sheet and then had a drink at the bar before the Speed Dating started...this time a more civilised drink of wine rather than shots!

There were 20 men at the event, so the women sat still at a table with a number and the men moved onto the next table every 3 minutes.

I actually found 3 minutes was the perfect amount of time to speak to each person.

It meant that you could chat and ask the basic questions without having to wrack your brains for things to say!

My friend had been sat next to me so luckily we felt we weren't alone...!

The "score card" meant you could write notes about each person so you remembered who was who, as well as writing down whether you would want to match with them or just see them as a friend. 

I wrote my notes in shorthand because I'm sneaky and I didn't want people to know what I thought!

This says "Its like Tinder but you don't swipe" which is the perfect quote for the night.

It really is like Tinder, you can see each person, learn a bit about them and then decide on whether you fancy them.

I didn't really fancy anyone, but I met some really interesting people and I had a fun evening.

Would you ever consider Speed Dating or any Singles Nights London or where you live? 

I recommend going, what have you got to lose? 

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