Coconut Lane - 20% Off Off For My Readers!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I few weeks ago I made an order with a company called Coconut Lane.

First of all let's just appreciate the little note that came with my order!

You go Glen Coco!!

The first thing I ordered is this Arrow Ring in rose gold

How pretty is this?

I also got these super cute cards! Which I think I'm going to frame rather than give away

I got this Cara card!

And this Kylie one!

Since I bought these Coconut Lane have added even more styles ... and I kind of want them all!

The final thing I got are these A4 size pictures..


Again, since purchasing these they have added so many more!

I have my eye on the What Would Beyonce Do one!

If you want to make an order with Coconut Lane ... which I recommend ... You can use my discount code and get 20% off!

Just type in lwafs20 at the checkout and enjoy your discount!

Merry Christmas from me to you!!

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