A Paris Haul

Monday, 21 December 2015

When I went to Paris recently I bought a few treats!

I mean part of the trip was for shopping so I can't be blamed right?

Here are the bits I got from Kiko

Kiko do some great products which are really good quality and pretty cheap! 

Starting with lips...I got the colour 303 in their comfort lip liner and 700 in their lip pencil

303 on the left, 700 on the right

The comfort lip liners are so creamy and they do not budge! This swatch stayed on my arm a long time!

The regular lip pencils aren't as nice as they feel a little rough and aren't as smooth to put on.

I'm not complaining though because the lip pencil in 700 was free...don't ask my why, I don't speak very good french...but it was free. Yay!

Next is this Make Up Setting Spray

I love setting sprays, but I currently use one you can only get in the USA and I was intrigued to see Kiko has one.

I quite like this as it is a very fine mist rather than a wet spray.

It smells quite alcoholic though. The main ingredient is alcohol so I guess that's why!

The star of the show is next...

I can't believe they actually had this! I've never even seen it in the London or Bluewater store!

This is their water eyeshadow in 208

This is a dupe for MAC Whisper of Guilt and Estee Lauder Heatwave - both of which were limited edition

It is the most beautiful highlighter ever...and a pretty nice eyeshadow too!
 I haven't wet my brush and used it yet...but I bet it will be magicallll

The next item is a nailvarnish. This was on sale so was a very reasonable price!

Not too sure on the colour though!

Onto Sephora. Why oh why don't we have one in London it makes no sense! We used to have one in Bluewater apparently back in the day ... but why on earth don't we have one! 

 I've been complaining for a while that my NARS lip pencils don't fit in a normal sharpener...

So I had to buy a NARS sharpener
Who needs a NARS sharpener!

It is very nice and I enjoy anything with NARS written on it on my beauty table!

The next item is this mini bottle of Bioderma
I've used the Garnier Micellar Water before so I thought I'd try out this version of the cult product.

I like it...it takes my makeup off well...what more is there to say!

Now... My favourite items! 

We went to the Michael Kors outlet and I bought some thingsss

Lets start with the littlest

I bought this bag charm...

I got the rose gold one to match my current Michael Kors bag...

and look how it spruces up my bag!

From this...

To this... 
Cute huh? And only 19 euros

They had so many bags at the outlet, but I didn't fall in love with any of the big ones...

So I was good and bought a clutch!

How cute is this!

And perfect size for makeup, keys and my phone!

Shopping just makes me happy...


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