A trip to Paris Day 2 (Disneyland)

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

On our second morning in Paris, we had a bit of a lie in (as we would be at Disney until late for the fireworks) and then got out glam on.

Obviously we were going to take a lot of pictures at Disney so we needed to look our best!

We both used our Carli Bybel Palette to highlight...and I tell you something, if you don't have one go buy one right now.

Carli is one of my fave youtubers (she's so PRETTY) and she collabed with BH Cosmetics.

Even with shipping to the UK its an amazing deal for great quality highlighters and shadows as the palette is only $12.50 at the moment!

Just look at that glowwww!

Once we had spent a considerable amount of time doing our faces (one of my fave times of the day is putting on makeup!) we headed down to Disney

And the Christmassyness did not disappoint!

That's deffo the biggest tree I've ever seen!

I wore my Sleek Birthday Suit Liquid Lipstick...which I completely forgot I have..but LOVE!

We wandered down Main Street and then went straight to Pirates of the Carribean - one of our favourite rides.

We actually got lost enroute though and found a Frozen section which I've never seen before

Complete with sleigh!

The parade was all Christmas themed too!

Father Christmas was even there...

The castle at Disneyland Paris is Sleeping Beauty's rather than Cinderella's like in Florida

So it has a dragon underneath

And you can go upstairs to see all the stained glass windows which we actually forgot to do last time!

The clouds cleared in the afternoon

And the sun came out to show off our glow!

We spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the Disney joy and going on loads of rides

Before the sun set...

And we headed to Walt's on Main Street for dinner

We booked in advance, so make sure you do that!

Enroute to Walt's Jess bought a Lucifer

And after dinner (which was delish) I was so jealous (and tipsy) that I bought one of my own

We watched the fireworks whilst drunkenly singing along...

and then headed home to bed!

Ready for Day 2 of Disney the next day!

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A trip to Paris Day 1

Sunday, 27 December 2015

My bestie Jessica Ann and I are kind of Disney nerds...we went to Florida AND Paris last year.

Paris was for Halloween and Disneyland was all Halloween themed...so this year we thought we would go in December and enjoy Disney whilst it was Christmassy!

This time we flew rather than got the Eurostar and it was actually way cheaper (and quicker).

We got to Disneyland by train from the airport at lunchtime and headed to our hotel to dump our bags.

Just a quick note...book your train tickets in advance. We had a huge palaver trying to get the right tickets and then the people who worked in the ticket office were the slowest people...in the whole entire worldddd. We nearly missed our train and they only go once an hour.

Moving on...

We didn't spend the first day in Disneyland as it would have been a waste so instead we went shopping!

Down the road from our hotel was La Vallee Village which is a HUGE shopping centre and outlet!

But before shopping...we needed lunch!

And wine

We went for Tapas (even though that is so unFrench) at Canas y Tapas...which was pretty nice. We even got asked out by the waiter...but read on and you'll find out what a wild night we really had!

I've already done a haul blog on what I bought beauty wise (which you can find here)

But we also went to a French Supermarket...a MASSIVE one

I got quite overexcited 

Especially as they had a whole section on my favourite thing:

Mont Blanc!

Jess thought I meant the pen maker...but no I mean the most delish chocolate pudding in the worldddd

My grandparents used to go to France all the time and my Grandma would always bring this back for me and my brother!

Have you ever tried it?

They now have all kinds of crazy flavours like pistachio, but I like the regular chocolate one!

They also had some of my other favourite things...

Who doesn't love a magnum of rose!

Or aisles and aisles of wine!

We picked up the most random food.

And headed back to the hotel for an epic supper of red wine, chocolate cereal and mont blanc while watching Disney films and beauty youtubes

A delish but random dinner and an early night ready for Disney the next day!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of my Paris blog...our first day in Disney!

P.S. The next morning we warmed up the croissants...nothing better than French croissants!

You Beauty Advent Calendar Days 14-24

Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's time for the second half of my You Beauty Advent Calendar!

If you want to see what I got on days 1-13 you can read that here

Day 14

I haven't tried this yet, but I like Burt's Bees so I hope its good!

This is a 20g tube so retails at £1.35 which is pretty cheap!

The 170g one is £11.49

Day 15

On the 15th day I got this Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

I really like Caudalie and I've tried this out and like it. It's quite thin, but very hydrating.

I also noticed that Desi Perkins and Lustrelux have used this in recent tutorials...and anything they have I want!

This 10ml retails for £9.60

Day 16

On Day 16 the door was pretty big!

And behind it was these tweezers from Vintage Cosmetics.

They're really cute and you can never have too many pairs of tweezers!

They retail for £8

Day 17

Behind this door was a Lanolips 101 Ointment

I've never heard of this, but I really like it and it doesn't have a scent or taste. Which I like in a lipbalm as they can be overpowering!

This retails for £10.99

Day 18

Behind door number 18 was a Benefit Roller Lash which I'm really excited to try!

This retails at £6.90

Day 19

I haven't actually tried out this product yet because of the fear that it might work like the Bee Venom eye cream I got on day 8 which made my eyes swell up!

But I've used a Bee Good handcream before and had no problems so hopefully I like this moisturiser!

This retails at £4.70

Day 20

This was one of the biggest doors and I was really excited to see what was behind it

They retail at £7 each so £14 for this door!

I'm excited to try them

Day 21

Behind door 21 was this REN 1 minute facial which I am yet to try but it sounds fancyyyy

This retails at £6.40

Day 22

Another skincare product behind this door is the Age Defy + 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser

It retails for £11.65 so is quite pricey for this little bottle. I look forward to trying it!

Day 23

Only two days left :(

Behind this door was the Rodial Stem Cell Super Food Glam Balm

I've used this on my face and it kind of turns into a more oily moisturiser. It is really hydrating

It retails at £21.90 so is a high end product and so far I like it!

Day 24

Behind the final door was this Rituals Under A Fig Tree diffuser

A great item for the final day! I've put this in my living room and it smells really nice! I like Rituals products

It retails at £5.30 as its a mini one!

This really is a great Christmas present that you can enjoy all through December.

I was leaving London before Christmas Day so I actually got to open a few things on my last day

So I got all of the below on one day!

Which was definitely a treat!

Now its time to do what I did last year - work out the value of the products vs the cost of calendar.

I asked my Mummy and the calendar cost £59.95

The total value of the products was:

That's crazy! Such good value!

Thank you Mummy!

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