The new dating app - Hinge

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I was hanging out with my cousins the other night discussing my dating life (I'm the token single one!) and one of them suggested a new dating app her friends were on.

I've been quite content with Bumble...but for the sake of blog research I downloaded it!

Hinge is meant to "cut the clutter, creeps and games"... which sounds like my type of app!

It basically only shows you people who are friends of friends on facebook. So you are meeting someone "the old fashioned way" through friends!

Of course you don't get to know whether your friends would recommend this person to you...or if they are just a random person they met on a night out at uni and are still fb friends with...

But I guess you could message your friend and say what do you think of this guy before swiping?

This app also shows the person's relationship status on facebook...and there is no way of not showing it. So it cuts out all those people who are in a relationship on facebook...or married and still play on tinder!

My issue is I completed hinge within about 5 minutes of swiping...and by completed I mean it ran out of people for me!

Maybe I'm uber picky? Or maybe this App is too new and there aren't enough people on it yet.

But it was an epic fail for me.

I'll be deleting it to make space on my phone I think!

Back to Bumble I go!

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