A Salsa Trip to Warsaw

Monday, 16 November 2015

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that I've been doing Salsa for nearly two years.

In the Summer my Salsa group and I went to a Congress in Barcelona (blog here) and this November we went to Warsaw in Poland for another!

Packing for Warsaw was very different to packing for Barcelona!

I went all out (both vintage so don't kick up a fuss)

And the hat came in uber handy for the flight as an eyemask!

So practical!

We flew out from Stanstead at 6pm and arrived to pretty chilly temperatures!

But by midnight we were ready to salsa!

El Sol Salsa Festival is a pretty big deal...

Like I mean its big - look at all those people!

They had live bands playing salsa songs and there really is nothing like dancing to live salsa music! I think that was my favourite thing of the whole weekend!

We met up with the rest of our group and danced the night away until about 4.30pm

When some party pooper pictured above thought we should call it a night!

Actually a very sensible idea as we were up at 9 to have breakfast before the classes started!

I must say the view from our hotel was just stunning...

We did a couple of Bachata and Salsa classes and then the whole group went for lunch!

Before a few of us girls went to explore the city!

If you are ever in Warsaw please go to Same Fusy and sit downstairs

We had white mulled wine with orange and vanilla!

It was so good!

Such a cute little place, its all underground with lit fires 

and cute touches...

We got back to the hotel for 6pm ready for a two hour nap before salsa again

And my god I needed it!

We stopped for a quick dinner and then were ready to go again!

We danced until 5 and headed back ... with pretty sore feet

Not so sore though that we couldn't consider new shoes the next day!

When I first started I thought salsa shoes were so tacky...

Now the tackier, glitzier and bolder the better!

We did a few more classes and then headed to the airport to jet back to London ready for work Monday morning!

The flights were a £45 return and the hotel was really cheap too! I really should go away to Europe and enjoy more of it as it really isn't an expensive thing to do if you plan it right!

Next Salsa trip...India! Stay tuned!


  1. Replies
    1. The current plan is London>Mumbai>Goa>Delhi>Taj Mahal>Mumbai>London !


  2. Omg! Your fur hat and coat are amazing! You're definitely rocking that look/style!

    How exciting is it that you get to travel with your salsa group? I can't wait to read about your India trip!


    1. Thank you :) - its great that we travel together! Can't wait for India!



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