10 Beauty Tips - Round 2

Thursday, 5 November 2015

I thought about doing an October 2015 favourites...but I haven't tried many new products this month, so I thought instead I would do some of my favourite beauty tips.

I did a blog back in June 2014 about my top ten beauty tips (blog here) ... but I have a few more for you!

1. Throughout the day if your face gets a bit oily (mine does) use blotting paper to take the oil away from your skin and leave your makeup in tact, rather than powder to cover the oil and give you a cakeface.

I have blotting papers in my bag and on my desk for that 3pm shiny nose!I use these ones from Kleenex, but loads of brands do them.

2. Make dry shampoo your absolute bessie mate.

I wrote in my last beauty tips blog that I don't wash my hair that often (probably about every 3 or 4 days) that's because it is SO much better for your hair...and I'm lazy. Dry shampoo means that I don't look like I haven't washed my hair for four days!

My favourite is the Herbal Essences one (and I've tried a lot!). I'm currently using the Fudge one - it smells great but isn't quite as light as the Herbal Essences one

3. When you moisturise your face in the morning and before bed use your facial moisturiser on your neck and down onto your chest too.

These areas should also be moisturised when you get out the shower and moisturise your body so it means they get double the amount of moisture (when you do your face and when you do your body). Your neck and chest show your age just as much as your face, so the more moisture you can get into them the better!

4. If you dye your own hair (as I do) but vaseline around your hair line and on your ears before you dye it. I always get hairdye on my ears and the back of my neck so creating a barrier with vaseline is a great idea!

5. Keep chapstick or some kind of lipbalm on your bedside table. This will remind you to apply it before bed so when you wake up your lips are all soft!

6. Also before bed, apply vaseline or some really thick moisturiser to your feet and pop on some socks. Its like deep conditioning your hair...but for your feet!

7. This beauty hack I learnt in about Year 5 at school.... Nail Varnish isn't soluble in water. Otherwise when you washed your hands your Nail Varnish would come off. This means that running your nails under really cold water after you've painted them helps them dry quicker. I've done this since Year 5...so definitely a long term beauty tip. Just don't put the tap on full and blast them or it will dent the polish!

8. Use a nude eyeliner in your water line to make you look more awake. I use the Rimmel Eyeliner in Nude.

This definitely works. When I was about 14 I always used to line my eyes with black...but it just makes them look so small! I literally only do that if I'm doing a full on smokey eye for a night out. Day to day I am all about the nude eyeliner.

9. When you conceal under your eyes set it with powder ASAP. If you don't it will crease into your fine lines under your eyes - everyone has them! And if you don't set it at all it will move about throughout the day. My favourite powder for this is the banana powder from Anastasia Beverly Hills as it brightens the area as well as setting it.

(By the way, this NYX Palette is one of my absolute October favourites - amazing for contouring and concealing! LOVE it)

10. Another concealer tip. Use a concealer to line underneath your eyebrows. This will cover up any stray hairs and also give you a really crisp defined brow, even if you do nothing to your brows!

That's it! My 10 tips....maybe a year from now you'll get another 10.

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  1. I love NYX products too!


    1. They are just so affordable but great quality!


  2. good tip about running fingers under cold water to get nails dry faster. I am so impatient in waiting for nails to dry. Also love the Rimmel eyeliner. Best pink nude for waterline.

    1. I'm so impatient too! I also have a spray like they use in nail shops, but running your fingers under the tap is cheaper!



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