The Best Friend Tag featuring JessicaAnn

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Jess (JessicaAnn) and I were hanging out at the Bblogger Awards the other weekend (blog here) talking about how great it is that we both blog and can talk to each other about all things blog related.

We decided it was time to do The Best Friend Tag...compile a list of questions and get each other to answer them.

We didn't discuss the answers and hers genuinely cracked me up! If you want to see my answers about her, check her blog out at

Tag your best friend on Twitter or in the comments and let us know if you do the Tag! My twitter is @evhaworth and Jess' is @jessicaannblog 

1.   How and when did you meet?

Apparently we had met at a sporting event as my brother went to the same school as Emma but I literally have no recollection of this. However, I do remember firstly meeting her at the airport to go on one of our many ski trips together! We instantly bonded over our love for blink 182, quicksilver, hating our brothers and baggy trousers - I'm pretty sure from this moment on we were pretty inseparable and spent most weekends together.

2.   Favourite inside joke?

Ohhhhhhh my god, we have SO many – I’ll try and name a few of my faves..Nee nee??? Nee nee, where are you!!!  MOM… MOM!! I WANT MY COFFEE COLATTE!! Yeahhhhh yeahhhh daddy.. HOW MANY?? TWO… neon paperclipz babes?  CLETUS.. GET OF YOUR SISTER.

3.   Do you have any nicknames for each other?

We both call each other neenee's, sister and my bestie!

4.   Favourite song that reminds you of each other?

I have a few, but Stacey's mum, blink 182 – rollercoaster (I fear, this was the song we made a dance routine up to on that first ski trip!!) L.O.V.E Ashlee Simpson and fergalicious by fergie are the ones that really remind me of Emma. We used to sit in front of her webcam and sing along and record ourselves?

5.   What is your favourite memory together?

Whilst I was in London last week we where actually having a laugh discussing this.. and I have to say we went to aquatica when we where in Florida and they had a lazy river which you put these life jackets on and the current swept your round the bends.. the life jacket must have been for the massive american people because neither of us fitted in any of them, they kept floating up and hooking over our ears which at the time was hysterical. My other favourite memory when we went to discovery cove and where having the most delightful day & the best birthday ever.. we then went to see the tropical birds and one shit all down my face!! Emma literally stood their in hysterics not even helping me just pointing and basically peeing herself. 

6.      What is something weird you eat together?

Rice crispie goo, it’s basically rice crispies with melted chocolate etc (if you've never eaten it your insane) We used to sit and eat it out of a pan. We also eat broccoli with everything which isn't so much weird but an absolute dream!

7.      Favourite drink?

Diet Cherry vanilla coke obviously.. here’s a picture of us the day we found it!! Was the best discovery of my life! We then looked for it everywhere we went!

 8.      Do you have anything matching?

Yes.. probably about a billion make-up products, an amazing playboy tracksuit (which I actually sold) matching little mermaid pjs, disney ears.. amazing red bows which took us thousands of years to find and also matching friendship disney bracelets! 


9.      What's your favourite make-up brand?

Hmmmm, that’s a toughie! Currently enjoying maybelline and NYX.

10.   Post a funny old picture of you together?

I had to add this in purely for Emma's hilarious face in this.. on Facebook this is titled 'a tender kiss' ahahaha and then the second one is when we where hiding in a forest from our friend Booboo and trying but failing to be cool (my neck looks like a turkey neck)  

11.   Post your favourite picture of you together

It's obviously got to be one from our adventure to Disneyland! I love this SO much.. But not as much as i love my fave neenee <3 

12.    Have you ever been on holiday together- name the places?

We have been so so many holidays together I kind of loose track but here goes – France on multiple ski trips, Thailand, Portugal, Malta, America & Paris!

13.    If you were to go any place on earth together, where would it be?

Disneyland obviously, we are both massive disney fans and so far have been too Florida and Paris disney together – I would love to go the California disney but also would love to go to New York and do a massive make-up shopping spree!

14.   What is your favourite film to watch together?

Any kind of Disney! But when we were younger we had a weird obsession with the film thirteen – we watched It so much that we could talk through it! Other than that we also love Grease (how manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy one?!)

15.   What is it like having a best friend who blogs?

It’s amazing, I love sharing my love for something with such a close friend. We get on so well and never feel like we are in competition – we help each other out and love to go to blogging events with each other – she also understands when you have to take a thousand photo’s just to get the perfect motd or ootd.

16.   What is your favourite blog post your best friend has written?

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