The BBlogger Awards 2015

Friday, 9 October 2015

On Sunday my bestie Jess and I got up super early...ok fine not super early...but 7.30am on a Sunday is not ideal...and got the bus over to Kensington Olympia

It was time for the BBlogger Awards!

The first 500 people to enter got given a goody bag worth £250 so we wanted to get there on time

We really didn't need to as everyone I saw had managed to get a goody bag...but we just wanted to be sure!

Our first stop was NYX where they had a really cute photobooth!

Everyone who took their picture in the booth and shared it on Instagram got a NYX goodie bag so of course we took the opportunity!

Check me out slaying that inhale pose 

We emptied our goodie bags and made a couple of trades (obviously Jess doesn't need dark brown brow gel!)

We then walked over to the Magnitone booth where we met the nicest makeup artist who told us all about the Magnitone.

I've actually wanted one for over a year and Jess had put one on her Christmas list...

The guy was so nice that he gave us one each to try!

PS I've tried it and I LOVE it!

In case you don't know they are face brushes that you use with your cleanser that deep clean and tone your face.

As we'd got up super early we hadn't had breakfast! So we hopped on a bus to The Diner for a full on breakfast


After breakfast we went back to the Awards to listen to a couple of the speakers

By the way this lip colour is Cannes from NYX

We can't just take a nice picture!

One of the speakers was Noelle from Tan Organic.

She picked Jess as her model as obviously Jess is paler than snow (BEAUITFUL snow :) )

This is the only Organic tanning product on the market and I now have a bottle of it to try so I'm sure you'll hear whether I like it in a couple of weeks time.

We listened to some of the other speakers and popped next door to the Exhibition.

Having had our fair share of beauty we wandered off to Harrods and afternoon tea...and then home to mine to collapse on the floor, take off our heels and admire our goodies!

Don't worry a haul blog is to come!

If you went to the BBlogger Awards send me your links to your blogs!


  1. This looks like an incredible opportunity! Great photos :)

    xo, Liz

    1. It was ... And it was free! Make sure you apply for a pass next year!


  2. Looks like a great day! Looking forward to reading the haul post :)



    1. It's coming soon! Along with a few items I got in selfridges the day before ! X


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