My NARS Collection

Monday, 5 October 2015

 My favourite high end make up brand is most definitely NARS.

Everything is just such good quality, so pigmented, and such beautiful packaging!

Here's my collection!

NARS Blush Duo - Limited Edition

 Some of it is obviously quite used and well loved

Let's go through some of my powder products!

First is this blush duo which I'm afraid is limited edition as I got it in a collection at IMATS (haul blog here). 
The two colours are Deep Throat and Amour which are two colours you can buy separately. Deep Throat (the lighter of the two) is my favourite!

This eyeshadow duo is called dolomites. I got it in New York! (haul blog here!)
I don't really use the lighter colour, but the darker one is beautiful. A cross between a burgundy and a brown and is SO pigmented!

This eyeshadow is called Edie.
Its basically just a white eyeshadow...nothing wild. But I do like it for my inner corner

This is the laguna bronzer. A cult favourite. As you can see from how much I've used it, its one of my favourites too! 

I have a love hate relationship with this light reflecting sets my under eyes amazingly...but if you take a pic you get massive flashback. I think I need to try again. Currently I just use it day to day when I know I won't be photographed.

Speaking of under eyes. This radiant creamy concealer in custard is my all time favourite concealer. Ever...ever.

In terms of this eyeshadow primer...I'm not that convinced...I don't notice a difference if I use eyeshadow primer or not...does anyone else?

Also on the subject of eyes this eyeliner stays putttt. I don't do eyeliner day to day...but this stuff does not budge! I recommend

Moving on to lip products

This one is my fave. Its the Audacious lipstick in Antia. This colour is just divine and the formula of these lipsticks is my favourite EVER

This is another Audacious lipstick but in the colour Julie. I'm not that sure about it...I keep trying it but I'm just not sure a coral pink lip is for me - I think I'm more of a dark or red lip person...I'll keep trying though as I love the formula.

I also have one of the velvet matte pencils in the colour Cruella. This was a birthday present from Sephora  (haul here)...I just don't really like the formula of these. They are very creamy but a bit smudgy!

I also have the colour Dolce Vita, a beautiful nude, but it doesn't fit in my sharpener (even though its a big sharpener) so I couldn't show it! This one though I don't mind the maybe its the fact its red and smudgy rather than its just idea what I'm talking about really...

Anita is the middle colour and Julie the bottom one.

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But before you go lets just appreciate the beauty of this blends a contour so goooddd


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