A trip to Andriake Beach Club - Turkey

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Two weeks ago I went to Turkey ... I know I know, I go on holiday all the time but can you blame me!

My parents were planning an "active" holiday with Neilsons...so I tagged along. More for the sun than the activities, lets be honest!

Neilsons are great...because there is something for everyone. Sun (hopefully), nice pools,  sailing, tennis, exercise classes, yoga, good food...you name it.

We flew into Dalaman airport and took the three hour bus transfer (eugh) to Andriake Beach Club . Unfortunately the hot guy I spotted at the airport did not get on our coach...what a disappointment...

We arrived late at night..but I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my (massive) room before I messed it up unpacking!

The rooms were definitely nicer than I expected...not that I'm sure what I expected.

I did yoga every morning, went to the gym or did zumba on other days and basically spent a lot of time here:
By the HUGE pool

Occasionally with one of these in my hand!

Mummy went for the pint...waheyyy

We had beautiful weather everyday and were so close to the sea. 

I kayaked and paddleboarded...and successfully lost my sunglasses falling off a paddleboard.

It was just a really relaxing pleasant holiday with no pressure at all. We did what we wanted when we wanted to.

I read 5 books...but I think my favourite was this one

What I was doing while you were breeding by Kristin Newman. Please if you are single and have the travel bug like I do. Go buy it!
Here is the link

Along with the travel bug...I got the chess bug!

I haven't played chess since I was maybe 10? Maybe younger. It was more of my brothers thing really. I'm more of a backgammon girl.
But I got really into it!

I even beat my daddy on my first try which believe me is an accomplishment!

He beat me the rest of the time though...I have three months until Christmas when I'm sure we will play so maybe I should get an app or something and train up!

On one of the evenings we travelled out of the resort to a town called Kas...

Make up of the day...loving the tanlife

We got in a bit of culture...

Ate some amazing local turkish food

And bought some nazars for our Christmas trees...we like to get new decorations wherever we go so that they have meaning on the tree :)

They have them everywhere!

I also found Aladdin's lamp!

The rest of the holiday I basically spent working on my tan...

And I was rather happy with it by the end of the trip...

It was so nice to spend some time with my parents and just chill...I didn't really socialise with anyone else in the resort or make any "holiday friends" 

I mean apart from this one guy on the last night...but you wouldn't want to hear about that...right?

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