A Halloween Tutorial: Stapled cuts

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween is just around the corner! 

It is one of my favourite holidays and I love getting dressed up and being a bit gory!

I'm going to do a full Halloween Get Ready With Me, but I thought it would be helpful for you all to see a bit of what I'm going to do in advance in case you need some inspiration.

Here are my tutorials from last year as well in case you're interested...



This year I had planned to be Red Riding Hood...who had been attacked by the wolf!

Check out Smlx0's video if you want to get that look.

Unfortunately the outfit I ordered was about a million sizes too small...it cut off my blood supply!

So I've changed my plans...

I'm instead going to be a very bloody gory red eyed blonde vampire...now I know that's just a made up thing, but I basically want to wear my red contacts, blonde wig and my black corset

So that's exactly what I'm going to do! I don't have a fun sponge around anymore to say I can't!

I'm going to up the gore from last year and give myself a chelsea smile stapled together...

So I thought I'd show you how to achieve that!

The items you will need are:

Scar Wax
Liquid Latex
Black Face Paint, or eyeliner
Red Face Paint or red lipstick (I used lipstick)
Fake blood
A cotton bud
A tooth pick
Some staples

Your regular makeup - foundation, blush and eyelash glue
Makeup remover

Start with a clean arm or face or chest or whereever!

Put some makeup remover or vaseline or oil on your hands and scoop out some scar wax

Roll it intoa sausage and press it onto your arm

Smooth out the edges using your fingers

Use your toothpick to run a line down the centre of this ridge

Have the cat inspect it...

Then cover in liquid latex using your cotton bud - I think mine's gone off so it didn't go as smoothly as last year...must get some more before Saturday!

Wait for that to dry...then use a mixture of red and black lip products or face paints to paint in the cut

Add your regular foundation around the edge of the cut and add blush if you want it to look irritated and red

Dribble some blood down the middle...or all over your arm if it accidentally gets on your hands like me!

Time to add staples. 

The hardest thing about this tutorial was actually separating the staples from the row of staples...I used tweezers, but I recommend you do this before you start!

Press these into the wax and if they don't feel secure use lash glue to secure them (spirit gum if you have it - but eyelash glue works fine)

I think on Saturday I will use slightly smaller staples so that they sit closer to the cut

Gross huh?

By the way - I am aware self harm is a serious issue...I picked my wrist to do this tutorial as it is the easiest place to practice..no other reason!

I hope this tutorial was helpful - tweet me pictures of you recreate it and keep an eye out for my Halloween Get Ready With Me Blog!

Get ready with me: Kiko Foundation and Maroon Eyes

Monday, 26 October 2015

Last Friday I went out to lunch with a few friends...and yes standard I had a couple of glasses of wine - you can't have Tapas without red wine!

After lunch I wandered off to Kiko to get a new foundation (I'd heard good things about them) and somehow managed to colour match correctly even with the wine - so I'm pretty proud of that!

The reason I need a new foundation (need being a strong word) is I've been getting into a routine of weekly fake tanning (since returning from Turkey) and am trying to maintain my tan without resorting to sunbeds, which as we all know are terrible for you!

Problem is...this means my usual foundation doesn't match! Especially as, because I've been using my Magnitone, my face is so pale compared to my body. In fact I've just given up on fake tanning my face because the Magnitone takes it off straight away.

So I am now one of those people with a tanned body and white mask face! I feel like it will be better for my skin too - properly exfoliating my face rather than filling my pores with fake tan! We shall see.

ANYWAY - I got a new foundation...and I went out Saturday night so thought I would do a get ready with me/first impression!

Excuse the lighting...it is now very dark in England in the evening...!

I started with a bare face - you can see the difference in colour can't you! - and put some tape on my eyes to ensure my smokey eye stayed in the correct place!

If you do this make sure you destick the tape a bit on your hand first

I went for an Autumn smokey eye so here are the colours I used:

I love these palettes - they're both ones where I picked the shades and put them in the palettes myself.

I used a variety of these colours to create a smokey eye - as you can see the tape maintains the shape!

I basically used the lighter matte Kiko colour on my lid and used all the other berry shades to deepen my crease

I then used the NARS liquid eyeliner to create a wing (with the tape still on)

I then peeled off the tape and used my L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

 I also added Velour Lashes in You Complete Me

Awkward pale face...

Time to sort that out!

I got the Kiko Universal Fit Foundation in WB90

I applied this with a flat foundation brush and then pressed it into my skin using a beauty blender

As you can see it matches my neck pretty well!

It looked uber dark to me...but I think my tan is just quite dark

Time to add some dimension!

I started off with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Then set this with the Banana shade in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit

I then used the darkest colour in my NYX Contour cream kit to contour my cheek bones and set this with the colour Fawn from my Anastasia Kit

Finally for highlight I used the Seventeen Instant Glow and the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Global Glow


Time to change out of my sexy dressing gown... 

Put in my FoxyLocks extensions in Brown Black 

And I was good to go....

Just so you can appreciate the added length - here is a pic where you can see where my regular hair stops:

But when I'm not leaning in front of a white wall they blend in perfectly! 

The foundation stayed put all night and had just the coverage I wanted.

For daytime it is a little heavy for me...but for nighttime its perfect - especially for under £7!

Have you tried any of the Kiko range? Let me know below if you recommend anything!

The Brown Kylie Jenner Lip

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I got a couple of items last week which inspired me to try out the brown lip trend for Autumn...

Anything Kylie Jenner does I want to do.


The products I used are listed below:

I started with clean normal "basic" lips...

And then plumped them using my moisturiser lid method! Have a read here to see a detailed explanation...

As you can see ... it works!

I then primed my lips using my elf primer (use a bit of concealer if you don't have a primer)

And lined my lips using NYX Hot Cocoa

Taper it in at the edges so you have a kind of ombre effect

This will make your lips look bigger...but also make you look a bit mental...

Fill in with the Kate Moss lipstick for Rimmel in 48

And there you have it - deep brown big Kylie Jenner lips!

I personally kind of love them!

And a little tip? Go around the edges of your lips with concealer once you've done to really make the colour pop!

Are there any lip colours you're loving for Autumn? Comment below and let me know!

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