The MoonCup ... NOT a post for boys!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Here's a slightly oversharing post which I've been considering doing for a while.

I rave to all my friends about why wouldn't I tell my readers too?

Only the girls of course!

Boys stop reading right now unless you want to feel uncomfortable or alternatively learn about girly things!

Now I don't know how many of you will have heard about a Mooncup...because I never had until one of my best friends mentioned it to me...

I got my first one about 5 years ago and I've never looked back - literally the thought of using anything else makes me feel a bit funny!

From looking at the picture I'm sure you can see ... "today class we're talking about Periods"

See boys I told you you should stop reading!

I'll try not to go into inappropriate detail but actually I do feel quite strongly about this.

A mooncup is basically a reusable plastic little cup that sits inside you when its that time of the month...

Sounds odd huh. But just think, if you're using tampons or pads or whatever....they all eventually end up in some landfill site.

Apparently one woman will use up to 11,000 sanitary products in her lifetime...honestly think of the landfill! Ew!

And lets say its £3 for a box of tampax...and you use a box every month that is £36 a year...a Mooncup costs £20 and I've had mine 5 years...I've just bought this new one pictured above.

So £36 x 5 = £180

Minus the £20 I spent.

I've saved £160 

How nice!

Another benefit - there is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and you can wear it for up to three times as long as a regular tampon

Its made of silicone which is hypoallergenic so doesn't mess up your PH either. Which I think is a big pro

Plus in terms of travelling you only have to take one thing with you rather than a big box and you don't need to dispose of anything once you're done

There are two different sizes:

B for those under 30 or who haven't had children
A for those over 30 or who have had children

They're just slightly different shapes.

It comes in a little travel pouch and looks like the below.

Its not massive...just a kind of inch and a half long cup

My friends who I've told about it are scared about leaking but that has never once happened to me in 5 years.

When you change it you just pour out the contents and wash it out and reinsert it.

If you want info on how to put it in and stuff I'll leave that to their website as this is probably a bit much for my blog anyway.

But I just think it is such a good thing that I would recommend to anyone.

Apart from perhaps those who faint at the sight of blood!

Sorry if you feel I've overshared but hopefully I will encourage at least one of you to give it a go!


  1. I'd never heard of this until a month or so ago, great post and review. Maybe I'll give it a go soon? TMI? Lol.
    Sally :)

    1. This whole post is TMI! You should get one! :) x


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