Summer Empties...would I repurchase

Friday, 11 September 2015

I only did my empties about two months ago! But my big bag of "empties" is getting a little full so I thought I'd just do another blog so I can actually bin this stuff rather than hanging onto rubbish like a weirdo!

Here are all the bits I have collated since July when I did my last empties post

Let's start with the only item of makeup in this pile - I find it very hard to use up makeup or throw away bits just in case I might ever need them!

This I definitely don't need anymore. It's the Rocket Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline. I personally like thin plastic mascara wands rather than big fat ones. This is a big fat brush and I didn't love it. In fact I didn't finish it, it just dried up!

Moving onto hair care.

I wouldn't repurchase this Toni & Guy shampoo. It smelt nice, but the smell kind of reminded me of my ex. Not sure why, maybe he used this shampoo or something similar! But that put me off. Plus I think Herbal Essences at half the price makes my hair smell and feel nicer.

I used up both bottles though, so it obviously wasn't bad!

I really loved this Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo...unfortunately though after using about half of the can the nozzle spray bit broke and it was unusable. So I'm binning it even though its half full. I won't buy it again just in case that happens again!

L'Oreal Elnett is a standard hairspray for any girl I think. Its a Classic. I probably will end up repurchasing it in the future, but at the moment I'm trying out a Fudge Hairspray

I have two of these Turquoise Noise Hair Art Sprays from Fudge in my empties. Love the colour, but I warn you it is EFFORT to do this to you hair. Read my blog on the topic here! I would repurchase these if I wanted blue hair again!

Another two hair items are these L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Conditioners. They come in the pack when you dye your hair with the Creme Gloss dye and I love them! You get more than one use, so I always use them as a special treat for my hair on occasions when I'm not dying it and it needs a little love. I'll always repurchase these as I know the hair colour I like and am not changing anytime soon!

Moving on to skin care

I've gone through a whole jar of this Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser I absolutely love it and have repurchased it already!

Same with this Camomile Cleansing Butter I've been through a whole tub and am obsessed with it! I've already repurchased!

To be honest I got this so long ago and its sat on my makeup table so long that I don't know if I enjoyed it! Its time to bin it but I've only used about three quarters of it. I just always forget to use toner. I know that's bad and you're meant to cleanse tone and moisturise, but I find cleansing and moisturising enough for my skin.

Teeth next... I love the toothpaste from Colgate Max White but this mouthwash was way too pungent for me. I finished it...but I didn't like it.

This Arm and Hammer toothpaste...what to say about this without being absurdly rude and inappropriate. Because of the baking soda it has a slightly salty taste...and not a good one. Lets leave it at that. I used it all because it felt like a waste if I didn't! Never repurchasing

Now time for tanning 

I used this whole can of Piz Buin Instant Glow Suntan lotion. I went to Vegas and Malta so it lasted two holidays. I like the shimmer it gives and the fact it is in a spray, but the only issue is it has a slightly yellow colour so if you're wearing a white bikini it does stain. Just a warning. I would repurchase if it was on offer as its £17!

And now fake tanning!

I do love this St Tropez Mousse but its just not dark enough! I think I'm going to get the dark version in the black bottle next. So a repurchase...but of a different colour

This is a sample of the Vita Liberata tan... I liked it, the colour was good, but it didn't last 2-3 weeks and I get on much better with a mousse so will not be repurchasing!

And that's it...did you enjoy looking through my rubbish?

I actually really enjoy snooping at products people have properly used and hearing if they'd repurchase! Leave me your blogs below on your empties!


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