My Cosy Winter Bedroom Essentials

Monday, 21 September 2015

I just got back from to come...and I can tell you it is chilllyyyyy in comparison!

Parachute Home got in contact with me before I went away and suggested I do a blog of my favourite cosy winter essentials!

I figured after Turkey would be better than before!

One of my favourite things about winter is wrapping up in soft long pyjamas and getting into bed early to watch a film or read a book

Preferably with a boy of course...but that's an optional winter essential.

And in fact something I don't think is essential at all!! Just to be clear!

My bed is one of my most favourite things I've ever bought.

It's a huge King Size number with a 5ft headboard

I got my bed from DFS and I absolutely love it

The pillows are also from DFS and my bedding...well I can't remember where that's from. I got it a really long time ago...but its so softttt

I have my eyes on this set from Parachute Home in the colour fog

 I once got asked by a company to review a set of bedding with loads of sex positions printed on it! Not something the average person has I guess...I declined their offer!

My next favourite things make my bedroom smell like a little slice of heaven

They are rather expensive...but smell SO good. I savour mine and only light it when I get into bed and blow it out when I go to sleep!

This next item is just so loved by me! You can see I've nearly run out and this is my second one since January.

Its the Neals Yard Reed Diffuser in the smell Calming - this smells AMAZING - go and buy one!

My next item still technically counts as bedding and is for those VERY cold nights...

It's my blanket...

My friend Jess got one of these knitted for her by a friend for her birthday and I loved it so much that Jess asked them to make me one too!

Someone actually knitted one go! I love it !!

We're nearing the end... I have an electric blanket...but I also need a good old fashioned hot water bottle - my one's from Primark and is much softer and nicer than it looks...

And then for that sound night sleep...lavender pillow sprays.

You can get whatever brand you want. I have the Boots own brand and the This Works brand...I prefer the This Works one it is a bit less strong!

And those are my cosy winter essentials....what are yours! Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Love the decor! Great photos too.

    Anika |

  2. Your bedroom is so pretty! I'm in love with this bed! I'll definitely get something like that when I'll be arranging my future apartment :) It looks perfect for long autumn evenings when all I want is to curl up in bed with a good book. My bed has a wooden head and it's SO uncomfortable! I also love your bedding, and most of all, the blanket! It's so cute and I love the story about how you got it.



  3. I have bed envy. Mine is great but a king size is awesome! Loved your essentials for winter especially scent which I need to reintroduce. Great post!


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