July/August Favourites 2015

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I've been MIA!

I'm so sorry, terrible excuse really but I've been in Barcelona and my laptop died the death after 5 loyal years.

I went and bought a new laptop this morning so I'm back!

I'm off to Turkey on Saturday so I'm going to try and write some blogs in advance to post whilst I'm away.

If there are any you'd like to read or like me to do let me know in the comments below.

Now onto the main topic of this blog!

I didn't do July favourites and we are now in September so these are my July August favourites combined!

Let's start with nails.

First of all I am obsessed with my stiletto nails! LOVE them!

The colour I'm really enjoying is this oldie but goodie from OPI

Its called Coney Island Cotton Candy and is the perfect peachy nude. It takes a couple of coats to make it opaque though

The next nail item is this Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray

I got it in Superdrug and think it works pretty well. I always get my nails sprayed to help dry them when I go to the salon so why not at home!

Don't know why I've never thought of it before! 

Now onto makeup!

I bought this L'Oreal Infallible foundation a couple of months ago but stopped using it when I purchased the matte version.

I used it again the other day for a dewy makeup look and loved it! Its too heavy for my day to day routine, but definitely one I will be using for nights out.

Next is this Mineralize Skin Finish from MAC in the colour Global Glow

I bought this in New York in October and hadn't really used it as it is too dark for a highlight shade. However, now I have a tan it is the perfect way to bronze my skin and make it glow.

I am so pleased that I've fallen in love with this! 

Finally lets move on to eyes.

I bought these Velour Lashes at IMATS this year and freaking love them!

They are in the style You Complete Me and they are beaut!

The final item are these eyelash curlers from Shu Uemura with Karl Lagerfeld. My cousins got me these for Christmas but I haven't used them that much as for most of this year I've had lash extensions. Now that I've let my extensions fall out I use these every day and do think these ones are really good quality.

And that's it! My faves for July and August

Let me know your favourites or comment the links for your favourites blogs below and I'll check them out!


  1. I really want to try out the L'oreal foundation but I can't find my colour and also the MAC bronzer/highlighter which hopefully I will be able to find it. Anyway it's a nice post x
    Make sure you go and check out my blog x

    1. The colour range is not that great in the UK I think they have more in the US which always seems to be the case with things! Glad you enjoyed it I'll go check yours out! xxx


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