Dating Keenos...

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

You know how everyone complains about how guys aren't keen enough and they play hard to get and don't text back etc etc?

I've recently had the complete opposite.

And I don't like it!

Believe me I'm usually just like everyone else, complaining that a guy isn't replying or doesn't seem to like me...but the last month or so have completely changed my tune.

Where are the normal guys who are hot with good jobs who are nice to their mums and let you have the excitement of getting a text from them.


If someone is messaging you 24/7 (and I literally mean 24/7) there isn't that excitement it just becomes standard to get a text.

Obviously in a real and normal relationship you just text each other and call each other and the excitement subsides a bit.

But I'm talking about the first week or two of speaking to someone.

Not someone you've been with five years!

I've met a couple of keenos recently and I'm just not sure about it.

To be honest since the Fun Sponge (who I would have just celebrated one month of marriage with - Thank the LORD that's not the case) I haven't felt like I want or need an actual boyfriend.

Going on dates? Fine. Meeting guys on nights out? Fine. But a full on boyfriend, letting someone into your life like that? I just don't think I want it at the moment.

I'm sure when I meet the right guy it will feel amazing and everyone says you meet people when you're not looking so who knows.

But at the moment I'm quite happy on my own - I'm really busy in fact!

So I just want a nice guy, I can see once a week...who won't pester me with texts every waking moment of the day! Maybe once a day...that's nice.

Is that so much to ask?

I'll tell you the stories about these keenos in due course...but I just want to make sure they definitely aren't going to turn into anything first! I've made the blogging too early mistake before!


  1. I've had some very annoying keenos, don't realise sometimes you've got to treat us mean to keep us keen. P.S. So glad I found your lovely blog. xx


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