A trip to Barcelona - Salsa and Exploring the City!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Over the Bank Holiday weekend about a dozen of my salsa group went on a salsa trip to Spain!

For a lot of us it was our first salsa trip so we'd been looking forward to it for ages!

We spent three days at a hotel in Santa Susanna with about 150 other people!

The days were spent in salsa and bachata classes, with pool time in between...

And the nights were spent dancing until the early hours.

I did a blog quite a long time ago about my salsa story so if you are interested you can find that here

I started in March 2014 and have come along way since then...or at least I think I have!

My teacher is called Super Mario and he's the best in London...in fact not just in London.

On Mondays we do classes and practice at Bar Salsa in Leicester Square and on Thursdays we have lessons in Chalk Farm.

I'm also now thinking about Bachata lessons on Tuesdays...this hobby can literally take over your life if you want it to! 

If you're interested I definitely recommend doing lessons with Mario he's amazing!

After a few days of intense salsa and sun we drove to Barcelona to see the city for two days.

Our first stop was Ice Cream

This place had a million flavours.

I went for coconut and tangerine but if I went again I'd go coconut and coffee mmm

I would really recommend. They were modern and clean with good internet and even came with a portable internet box for you to carry around the city with you in your handbag. They were also pretty cheap - I would definitely stay there again.

Once we'd dumped our staff we headed for lunch before getting the tube to Park Guell - Gaudi's Gardens 

As we were in Barcelona Sangria was necessary...

As was champagne and limoncello apparently!

Then it was time to go and see the gardens. The tube in Barcelona is so easy to use and is actually ariconed so I recommend getting around using it.

The gardens are quite bizzare and remind me of being in Willy Wonka or some kind of strange gingerbread world...

Gaudi commissioned this garden in 1890 and it opened in 1922 so you can imagine that in its day it must have been a very new and exciting if not odd experience for the locals in Barcelona who were used to traditional building styles...

All the artsy pictures you see by the way are from my friend Anurag so he gets credit!

We wandered around the gardens for a while and then headed out to see some gift shops

Emily found me in cat form...

And then we headed home to get ready for dinner..

Sara had booked us a table at CDLC and we had an amazing dinner there 

It is very oriental and beautiful and the food was delicious.

It is on the more expensive side but perfect for a special meal

The inside turns into a club at night-time so we danced the night away - they played all my fave music so I had a great time! 
The next morning we went to Sagrada Familia

This cathedral was commissioned in 1881 and the first stone was laid in 1882....it still isn't finished.

This cathedral is insanely detailed and it should be finished in about 2026!

The paparazzi caught us snapping selfies...

And then we headed inside to check it out

Now I thought the cathedral I visited in Brazil was amazing...

but this is something else

It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

We walked round for an hour or so and then visited the museum under the cathedral to learn about the history...

Maybe one day I'll come back to see the finished product..

By this point we were starved and wanted some traditional Spanish food...


We got the tube down to Las Ramblas to sit in the traditional Spanish market and eat the best Paella I've ever had!

It's in Mercado de La Boqueria

And if you order Sangria you get a wild straw!

I can't find out the restaurant name...but walk past dunkin donuts (which I was actually appalled to see on such a traditional street) on your left and its about two doors down on the square of Mercado de La Boqueria

We wandered around the markets...

Eyeing up sweet and savoury treats

Strolled through the Gothic Quarter...

And then it was time to get the train to the airport and fly home.

We were delayed...which was great fun, Barcelona airport has very little food and I might have got a bit hysterical as I'd eaten Chips A'Hoy and Sunny D from a vending machine for my dinner and was on a bizarre sugar high!

Commuting to work the next morning was not fun!!

Next salsa trip....India!!

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