A Break From Social Media

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

You might have noticed (or you might not) that I haven't blogged in a week!

I've been away in Barcelona...a separate blog is to come...and I decided to have a break from social media.

I am one of those people whose phone battery drains so fast...and I assumed it was a problem with my iphone getting old, but actually I think its the fact I'm on it a lot of the time!

The Kardashian Hollywood Game

Its all a bit much!!

I went away first thing Friday morning and stayed off social media - and my phone in general really apart from checking work emails - until Monday, when I posted one pic on Instagram and Facebook

Three and a half full days may not seem like much, but to me it felt so refreshing!

In fact since I've been back I haven't even clicked on my Kardashian game...which I normally keep up to date with throughout the day.

I have a slight addiction and am scared that my fiance Carlos might have broken up with me. When I was in Vegas my husband made me get a divorce because I didn't pay enough attention to him.

See I have a problem!!!

What if I click on it and Kim is mad at me for not paying attention to her!

I think I'm going to try harder to spend time off my phone...but at the same time I want to be dedicated to blogging and tweeting with other bloggers

What a dilemma!

I'll sort it out and make sure I have more blogs for you guys!

In the mean time whilst I'm getting up to date with them, let me know what you think of my new layout and domain!

I love it :) 

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your social media detox, although I do think you may want to get that Kardashian addiction checked out - I thought your husband had genuinely divorced you at first glance!!
    Megan x meguana.co.uk

  2. After reading my blog and realising my addiction three of my friends had an intervention ... It's been deleted!! Xx


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