Dating Keenos...

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

You know how everyone complains about how guys aren't keen enough and they play hard to get and don't text back etc etc?

I've recently had the complete opposite.

And I don't like it!

Believe me I'm usually just like everyone else, complaining that a guy isn't replying or doesn't seem to like me...but the last month or so have completely changed my tune.

Where are the normal guys who are hot with good jobs who are nice to their mums and let you have the excitement of getting a text from them.


If someone is messaging you 24/7 (and I literally mean 24/7) there isn't that excitement it just becomes standard to get a text.

Obviously in a real and normal relationship you just text each other and call each other and the excitement subsides a bit.

But I'm talking about the first week or two of speaking to someone.

Not someone you've been with five years!

I've met a couple of keenos recently and I'm just not sure about it.

To be honest since the Fun Sponge (who I would have just celebrated one month of marriage with - Thank the LORD that's not the case) I haven't felt like I want or need an actual boyfriend.

Going on dates? Fine. Meeting guys on nights out? Fine. But a full on boyfriend, letting someone into your life like that? I just don't think I want it at the moment.

I'm sure when I meet the right guy it will feel amazing and everyone says you meet people when you're not looking so who knows.

But at the moment I'm quite happy on my own - I'm really busy in fact!

So I just want a nice guy, I can see once a week...who won't pester me with texts every waking moment of the day! Maybe once a day...that's nice.

Is that so much to ask?

I'll tell you the stories about these keenos in due course...but I just want to make sure they definitely aren't going to turn into anything first! I've made the blogging too early mistake before!

Online Shopping Haul

Monday, 28 September 2015

Whilst lying on a sun lounger in Turkey I did a bit of online shopping

Which meant that I had parcels to come home to!

I bought some of my favourite products so I thought I'd share with you what I got..

Merlin thought he'd help!

 Lets start with the most exciting item!

I've used Foxy Locks Extensions for about two years...but I've followed Imogen from Foxy Locks on youtube for longer. Check her out she does great tutorials with extensions which are really helpful especially for things like pony tails!

Anyway... my current set of Foxy Locks are getting a bit scraggly...and they're currently blue ombre...

So I figured now was a time to invest in a new set and keep my other set blue!

I get the colour 1B Brown Black in the Deluxe set of 165g

And to match those extensions after being in the sun my hair needs a bit of a refresh so I ordered my usual hair dye from Superdrug - L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Chocolate

A perfect match!

The next item is to keep up my tan!

I've been watching Karissa Pukas rave about Bondi Sands for ages and they finally sell it in Superdrug! I haven't used it yet but am rather excited (I'm usually a St Tropez girl)

The next item is a repurchase - I use this Dream Bronze BB Cream from Maybelline everyday when I have a tan and love it - mostly for the colour rather than the coverage - I've nearly run out so I got a new tube to go with my tan...

Most of these products are linked to dark hair and dark skin! My fave look!

Another repurchase is this L'Oreal Telescopic mascara - apologies for the shine in the picture - I'd just got my nails done so I didn't want to peel off the plastic! This is my favourite mascara of all time - it really separates and lengthens!

I love all these items so much...well all of them apart from the tan which I haven't tried yet...I hope I love it!

Do you think putting fake tan on already pretty tanned skin will make me too dark...I'm trying to weigh it up in my mind!

Send me the links to your recent blog hauls! Or comment below and let me know some of your holy grail items you think I should try!

My Cosy Winter Bedroom Essentials

Monday, 21 September 2015

I just got back from to come...and I can tell you it is chilllyyyyy in comparison!

Parachute Home got in contact with me before I went away and suggested I do a blog of my favourite cosy winter essentials!

I figured after Turkey would be better than before!

One of my favourite things about winter is wrapping up in soft long pyjamas and getting into bed early to watch a film or read a book

Preferably with a boy of course...but that's an optional winter essential.

And in fact something I don't think is essential at all!! Just to be clear!

My bed is one of my most favourite things I've ever bought.

It's a huge King Size number with a 5ft headboard

I got my bed from DFS and I absolutely love it

The pillows are also from DFS and my bedding...well I can't remember where that's from. I got it a really long time ago...but its so softttt

I have my eyes on this set from Parachute Home in the colour fog

 I once got asked by a company to review a set of bedding with loads of sex positions printed on it! Not something the average person has I guess...I declined their offer!

My next favourite things make my bedroom smell like a little slice of heaven

They are rather expensive...but smell SO good. I savour mine and only light it when I get into bed and blow it out when I go to sleep!

This next item is just so loved by me! You can see I've nearly run out and this is my second one since January.

Its the Neals Yard Reed Diffuser in the smell Calming - this smells AMAZING - go and buy one!

My next item still technically counts as bedding and is for those VERY cold nights...

It's my blanket...

My friend Jess got one of these knitted for her by a friend for her birthday and I loved it so much that Jess asked them to make me one too!

Someone actually knitted one go! I love it !!

We're nearing the end... I have an electric blanket...but I also need a good old fashioned hot water bottle - my one's from Primark and is much softer and nicer than it looks...

And then for that sound night sleep...lavender pillow sprays.

You can get whatever brand you want. I have the Boots own brand and the This Works brand...I prefer the This Works one it is a bit less strong!

And those are my cosy winter essentials....what are yours! Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Cinema - Mean Girls

Monday, 21 September 2015

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know that my friend Fran and I went to the Frozen Open Air Luna Cinema last summer.

This summer we booked another trip...this time to see Mean Girls at Victoria Embankment Gardens!

Unfortunately Franny had an exam the next day and couldn't come so my friend Daisy stepped up to the plate!

We headed over to Embankment after work...were greeted with a free cookie from the sponsors DoubleTree Hilton...and set up our blanket and picnic ready for the film!

We had a posh picnic...

With some fizz...

And got ready for the film!

Soz Jess I wore your hoody!

Mean Girls is just such a good film - I feel like I could recite most of the script off by heart!

Such a great night plus we were tucked up in bed before 11...

Which was needed as I was still recovering from Barcelona!

I really recommend the Luna Cinema events! Go to any that you can!

The MoonCup ... NOT a post for boys!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Here's a slightly oversharing post which I've been considering doing for a while.

I rave to all my friends about why wouldn't I tell my readers too?

Only the girls of course!

Boys stop reading right now unless you want to feel uncomfortable or alternatively learn about girly things!

Now I don't know how many of you will have heard about a Mooncup...because I never had until one of my best friends mentioned it to me...

I got my first one about 5 years ago and I've never looked back - literally the thought of using anything else makes me feel a bit funny!

From looking at the picture I'm sure you can see ... "today class we're talking about Periods"

See boys I told you you should stop reading!

I'll try not to go into inappropriate detail but actually I do feel quite strongly about this.

A mooncup is basically a reusable plastic little cup that sits inside you when its that time of the month...

Sounds odd huh. But just think, if you're using tampons or pads or whatever....they all eventually end up in some landfill site.

Apparently one woman will use up to 11,000 sanitary products in her lifetime...honestly think of the landfill! Ew!

And lets say its £3 for a box of tampax...and you use a box every month that is £36 a year...a Mooncup costs £20 and I've had mine 5 years...I've just bought this new one pictured above.

So £36 x 5 = £180

Minus the £20 I spent.

I've saved £160 

How nice!

Another benefit - there is no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and you can wear it for up to three times as long as a regular tampon

Its made of silicone which is hypoallergenic so doesn't mess up your PH either. Which I think is a big pro

Plus in terms of travelling you only have to take one thing with you rather than a big box and you don't need to dispose of anything once you're done

There are two different sizes:

B for those under 30 or who haven't had children
A for those over 30 or who have had children

They're just slightly different shapes.

It comes in a little travel pouch and looks like the below.

Its not massive...just a kind of inch and a half long cup

My friends who I've told about it are scared about leaking but that has never once happened to me in 5 years.

When you change it you just pour out the contents and wash it out and reinsert it.

If you want info on how to put it in and stuff I'll leave that to their website as this is probably a bit much for my blog anyway.

But I just think it is such a good thing that I would recommend to anyone.

Apart from perhaps those who faint at the sight of blood!

Sorry if you feel I've overshared but hopefully I will encourage at least one of you to give it a go!

The under £5 highlighter that glows like 5 carat gold!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Highlighting is something I'm very much into. I love that J Lo glow especially when I have a tan!

On the first night of my salsa trip to Barcelona we all got ready for dinner and to dance. I think the first thing I said when I walked into the bar was "Nathalie what highlighter are you wearing!"

I thought she would say Bobbi Brown or NARS or something...but no!

Here's her secret:

Seventeen Instant Glow in the colour Gold/Bronze

I don't think I've bought anything from Seventeen since I was about 12...and even then I think I was more of a Maybelline or Collection 2000 girl!

How pretty....

It looks similar to one of those Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, in terms of the stripes of different colour

Its only £4.99 and provides an amazing glow

When I went to pay at Boots the woman who served me goes "this highlight is amazing!" So really I've had two recommendations!

You can go as heavy or as light as you want and can use the various colours as eyeshadows too!

I'm in LOVE!

Thanks for the recommendation Nathalie you star!

Summer Empties...would I repurchase

Friday, 11 September 2015

I only did my empties about two months ago! But my big bag of "empties" is getting a little full so I thought I'd just do another blog so I can actually bin this stuff rather than hanging onto rubbish like a weirdo!

Here are all the bits I have collated since July when I did my last empties post

Let's start with the only item of makeup in this pile - I find it very hard to use up makeup or throw away bits just in case I might ever need them!

This I definitely don't need anymore. It's the Rocket Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline. I personally like thin plastic mascara wands rather than big fat ones. This is a big fat brush and I didn't love it. In fact I didn't finish it, it just dried up!

Moving onto hair care.

I wouldn't repurchase this Toni & Guy shampoo. It smelt nice, but the smell kind of reminded me of my ex. Not sure why, maybe he used this shampoo or something similar! But that put me off. Plus I think Herbal Essences at half the price makes my hair smell and feel nicer.

I used up both bottles though, so it obviously wasn't bad!

I really loved this Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo...unfortunately though after using about half of the can the nozzle spray bit broke and it was unusable. So I'm binning it even though its half full. I won't buy it again just in case that happens again!

L'Oreal Elnett is a standard hairspray for any girl I think. Its a Classic. I probably will end up repurchasing it in the future, but at the moment I'm trying out a Fudge Hairspray

I have two of these Turquoise Noise Hair Art Sprays from Fudge in my empties. Love the colour, but I warn you it is EFFORT to do this to you hair. Read my blog on the topic here! I would repurchase these if I wanted blue hair again!

Another two hair items are these L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Conditioners. They come in the pack when you dye your hair with the Creme Gloss dye and I love them! You get more than one use, so I always use them as a special treat for my hair on occasions when I'm not dying it and it needs a little love. I'll always repurchase these as I know the hair colour I like and am not changing anytime soon!

Moving on to skin care

I've gone through a whole jar of this Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturiser I absolutely love it and have repurchased it already!

Same with this Camomile Cleansing Butter I've been through a whole tub and am obsessed with it! I've already repurchased!

To be honest I got this so long ago and its sat on my makeup table so long that I don't know if I enjoyed it! Its time to bin it but I've only used about three quarters of it. I just always forget to use toner. I know that's bad and you're meant to cleanse tone and moisturise, but I find cleansing and moisturising enough for my skin.

Teeth next... I love the toothpaste from Colgate Max White but this mouthwash was way too pungent for me. I finished it...but I didn't like it.

This Arm and Hammer toothpaste...what to say about this without being absurdly rude and inappropriate. Because of the baking soda it has a slightly salty taste...and not a good one. Lets leave it at that. I used it all because it felt like a waste if I didn't! Never repurchasing

Now time for tanning 

I used this whole can of Piz Buin Instant Glow Suntan lotion. I went to Vegas and Malta so it lasted two holidays. I like the shimmer it gives and the fact it is in a spray, but the only issue is it has a slightly yellow colour so if you're wearing a white bikini it does stain. Just a warning. I would repurchase if it was on offer as its £17!

And now fake tanning!

I do love this St Tropez Mousse but its just not dark enough! I think I'm going to get the dark version in the black bottle next. So a repurchase...but of a different colour

This is a sample of the Vita Liberata tan... I liked it, the colour was good, but it didn't last 2-3 weeks and I get on much better with a mousse so will not be repurchasing!

And that's it...did you enjoy looking through my rubbish?

I actually really enjoy snooping at products people have properly used and hearing if they'd repurchase! Leave me your blogs below on your empties!


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