How to: Jagua Blue Henna

Saturday, 15 August 2015

If you're an avid Life Without A Fun Sponge follower...or an Emma Follower (creepy soundinggg) you'll know I love henna.

Below are some blogs I've previously done with henna

Everyone is getting really aggy recently at Kylie Jenner saying that because she has cornrows she isn't being racially aware...I had cornrows when I was 11... I thought they looked the time...does that make me un racially aware?

I hope noone is offended by the fact I love henna, and thinks it's similar to Kylies cornrows. I just love it!

Anyway, disclaimer over

I saw Chrisspy had done a youtube video on Jagua henna. Which actually isn't even henna as its blue!

This is not black henna do not fear! 

I thought hers looked so cool! 
So I ordered some too!

I freaking love her blue hair too!

I ordered one set of the gel and then separately ordered a bottle with a thin nozzle for easy application

I put some of the gel in the little pot and added on the applicator (note for future, put more than this in the bottle!)

I tried it out on my foot first because I didn't know what it would come out like and your foot is much easier to hide than your hand!

I did a typical henna kind of design, like I've done before

You leave the gel for two hours to set and for future reference I would make the gel a bit thicker when you apply it.

Also I think I'd do more of a tribal design as I think designs like this look better in proper brown henna.

After two hours you are meant to peel it off, but I didn't do mine thick enough for it to peel so I wiped it off with a wet flannel.

When it comes off you can only see the design really faintly...

but it develops after about a day...

I think it looks pretty cool, and I would use it again, but maybe on my hand with more of a tribal design

What do you think, would you try out Jagua "henna"?


  1. Oh wow thats amazing, i tried it once and it looked like a child did it, i had to hide my foot from everyone because it was that bad!

    1. Thank you! I practiced on a piece of paper the first time I did it which I think helped! X


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