Getting Stiletto Nails

Saturday, 8 August 2015

For a while I've been thinking about getting Stiletto Nails... which are basically pointy claws...

My nails are naturally a nice shape and strong, but nail varnish just chips so easily on them!

I used to have acrylics and the main reason I liked them was my nail varnish would stay put for two weeks!

I waste a lot of time painting my nails so I wanted that chip free life again!

I booked an appointment at Zen Nails on Wandsworth Road.

It is quite near my house and was only £20 for a full set of acrylics with extensions so I thought that was pretty good!

She started by cutting my natural nails down as short as she could and filing the top 

She then glued nail extensions to each of my nails and cut them into a point with a flat top.

I had been very specific about the shape and did not want nails so pointy that when taking my contacts out of my eyes I would scratch my eyes! I wanted slightly rounded points I guess...

She then added acrylic on top and filed them into the shape I wanted. You can see the first three nails on the left have been filed and my index finger and thumb haven't 

See... my thumb is still a dodgy shape!

I was so thrilled with how the shape came out and she took so much time on them making them just how I wanted.

I picked an OPI dusty rose kind of colour but I think its limited edition as I can't find it online!

I think my nails look so cool! (Even if my Mum doesn't!)

Plus its been 10 days and there isn't the slightest chip! If I had painted my natural nails they would have been chipped within 12 hours by the amount I type at work and use my phone!

What do you think about stiletto nails - would you try it?

I must say typing was hard the first day but I'm getting used to them now!


  1. I usually have square shaped acrylics - but I love the shape of these, different but so pretty! Xx


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