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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Quite often when I go home my bestie Jess comes over and we go through and laugh at all my old boxes of memorabilia.

These include old pictures of us, letters we've written to each other, letters boyfriends have written to me and of course all my old diaries....

Casey Holmes one of my fave youtubers has recently read from her "Burn Book" of guys on her channel and it made me think about publishing my funniest diary entries from back in the day.

I kept a diary from age 13 to about age 18 before I moved to London. Kind of wish I'd kept it up as some of the stories would be brilliant to look back on.

I guess my dating blogs are kind of like a diary to me now!

Below are the ones I find the funniest and most ridiculous. I have starred out the guys names even though I'd quite like to name and shame some of them. If you know me from school you might be able to guess who they are!

Apologies for my spelling and grammar...!!

1st October 2005
I am 8st 2 Woo! Got my dress 2day its so cute it's a lil tight might have 2 lose a lil more weight

How on earth was I ever 8st 2....and how did I ever think I needed to lose more weight! I remember this dress. My friend Charlie was having a movie themed party and I was going as barbie. It was about a six 6 and a silk pink dress... I still have it in my home wardrobe I think...it would never fit now!

October 2005
Mum saw the love bite on my neck n was like I wud hit neone (anyone) who did that to me...we are very different obviously.

Funny thing is I can remember her saying that to me in the kitchen. Kind of understand why, love bites don't exactly look nice do they and I was only 15.

5th October 2005

M*** M**** called me fat n then she had the CHEEK to say no I didn't I used the word podgy! That is just as bad!

This is at the point that I was 8st 2...that bitch!

30th December 2005
I have been ready since 12.30 its now 4.42 I have no idea where ** is cos he has no  credit he sed he was comin over in the afternoon. is it still the afternoon when it is pitch black night outside?

Another example of how this guy was an arse...

16th January 2006
It's my birthday! Got my belly pierced on Saturday. hurt but looks really cute. Went to school late today. Did some art saw my mates then went out for lunch with ** he had to leave to do some coursework but Kt came over to sing Happy Birthday and give me my present. tomorrow is me and **s 4 months. so sureal. He made it such a good birthday and now he can't get arrested cos I'm 16
He got me a Berney (tatty teddy) diary to say sorry for always trying to read my diary. I now have all the Harry Potter DVDs too Woo!

"Now he can't get arrested cos I'm 16!" LOL.
He always used to steal my diary and read it which is an invasion of privacyyyy! I thought it was my brother or my Mum but one time he actually stole it. Bastard.

c.February 2006
** has Liv at his house. How does he think that's ok! I am not happy about it. They are blatantly watching movies and she's on my side of the bed. Not right. He wud be annoyed if I had some guy at my house. I wanna no if they have ever got off before cos if they have it's kinda like him seeing an ex gf. and I will kill him.

Apparently as a 15 year old girl I was a physco who considered killing her boyfriend! I love how I'm so matter of fact about it! This was my first boyfriend who I thought I loved...and he took the piss in ways like this all the time!

c.February 2006

I want to get over this. I hope we do I really don't want to break up I'm just so fucking fed up of arguing + crying everyday. I am so stressed I don't sleep well and my back is so tense. you always hear people say that but mine really is. it's all grouty. Thought I was pregnant on Monday but I'm not. It was the one time ** and I didn't argue and he seemed to care. That's just stupid.

Love how quickly I change the subject! My back hurts...thought I was pregnant LOL
The next diary entry below shows that we didn't get over it...and did break up!

c.April 2006

Well guess who wants to see me when he gets bk from DoE. Oh yes its A*** The Plan works women everywhere "Playing hard to get works!" Hard to do but worth it. Saw C****** 2day its not as easy to talk to him as normal I think its cos I'm scared he fancies me (NOT BEING ARROGANT)

Not sure who I was writing to when I said "women everywhere". It's fair to say it didn't work out with this guy and my friend who I was scared fancied me...didn't fancy me!

c.September 2007

EUGH my day was bad. OK I waited 40mins for my pasta 2 defrost THEN I cooked it put pesto on and it was the wrong type and tasted SHIT so had 2 remake it. took like n hr to get dinner!!
Sounds sad but really pissed me off.

My life was obviously very exciting at this point that I felt the need to write this...
But I actually still remember this!! It was coriander pesto rather than basil and I was not happy about it.

20th November 2007

The other day R*** said "I can see myself with C***** in the future"... why can't he see himself with me in the future! I'm his girlfriend not that slag C*****.
Also he always told me he rated me a 10 even though I don't rate myself a 10. Then our friend goes "I've never met a real 10 before" and R*** goes me either!!

Not impressed by this guy. We went out for quite a while and comments like this made me feel great about myself...

January 2008
Sooo I'm 18 but alone again - I say again but I haven't been single for 4 and a half years. R*** dumped me 4 days before my birthday and 2 days before my first exam. He said to me he can't deal with being unhappy anymore so he broke up with me and then he was like oh do you wanna come see my new car with me - JERK - then I drove off crying and parked in a ditch.

This guy again... Not impressed at all...

31st March 2008
I'm pissed! - not drink wise although I would like to be, just pissed off. I had a nice time away for the weekend with D****, broke up with D** but nooo couldn't just be happy.
I fancy J*** and he just told me he doesn't want me. Also today R****** told me I had fat legs and it was horrible and I cried.
How pathetic.

I remember vividly my "friend" telling me I had fat legs. Do you think there is a trend in my life? Boys and weight! He said it in the cafeteria and said I shouldn't wear denim shorts :( 
In regard to the guy who didn't want me...he did...but he was a playerrr so I gave up on that!

If you fancy any more posts like this I'm sure I can take a trip down memory lane and find some more! I would love to read anyones posts like this so link them below if you've done one or have read one!


  1. This was so funny to read.. I loved this haha! Xxx



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