A Tuesday Date and a Thursday Date

Friday, 21 August 2015

I had a bit of a dating lull over the past few months...mostly from not wanting to date! But I was a big girl, I joined Bumble and I put myself out there.

I had two dates last week and I thought I'd follow on from my Diary of a Teenage Girl post and document my thoughts...obviously I won't give too much away though and will keep things anonymous.

Let's start with the first date. Mr Neon I will call him!

Mr Neon and I matched on bumble and chatted away for a bit. He is really hot...

I was going away for the weekend, so we chatted over whatsapp and arranged to meet the following week.

Now here is where I think things went slightly wrong.

We were chatting on whatsapp for quite a few days, asking each questions and learning about each other.

And it meant that by the time we got to our date I'd already asked most of the "first date" kind of questions.

We got on well, and still had lots to talk about, but I just think half of the fun of a first date is that you get to know each other... I felt like I already knew him.

So I think a note to self is if you match but can't see each other for a while, say "I'll speak to you after the weekend so we can arrange where to meet on Wednesday" for example! Rather than chatting the whole weekend via message.

It's very easy to fall into the trap of chatting away to someone "online" because you obviously like the look of them if you've matched on an app like bumble and its nice to have someone to text!

But I recommend getting to know someone on a date rather than via message.

Oh and the reason his name is Mr Neon...our date was after he'd done a workout and cycled to the pub...so he was wearing a full on neon top.

Very sensible for cycling in the dark! Not as sensible for a first date...

Here's me with neon hair...just to add some kind of colour and photography to this post

The next date was with Mr Youtube

I matched with this guy on the Wednesday and was intrigued to see that one of his pics was his youtube channel being mentioned on buzzfeed...

Fair enough he's obviously proud of it...

He's from LA and was only here for a few days so as soon as we matched I suggested a drink the next day so he could see the city from my point of view!

I learnt from the last date and made sure we didn't chat for ages over message!

Before the date I obviously stalked him a bit...why wouldn't you...and watched a few of his videos which talk about current issues.

I was intrigued to find out about him but tried not to go too far as again, I like to find out about someone in person!

I basically completely stole my friend Manish's date plan (blog here) and took him to the Sky Lounge in the DoubleTree Hilton and then St Katherine's docks!

Now I was slightly miffed...

Because bearing in mind before we met he said it was a bit hard dating people because they often knew more about him (via youtube) before they met, than he knew about them...

I'd looked at his youtube and he asked what my favourite video was etc... and then I asked whether he'd looked at my blog (we'd exchanged instagrams before the date and mine is linked - see the side bar here! >>> )

He hadn't even looked at it.

Now with a normal date that's fine.

But this I guess was like a social media internet date...him being a youtuber me being a blogger.

I thought we would have that in common, but I guess he was just slightly into himself more than into me.

We had a really fun night, and I'm glad we met up...but I can't work out whether its right that I'm a bit miffed about that.

Plus...after a few drinks he said to me "you can see yourself falling in love with me can't you"

Always awk on a first date with someone!

The search continues!

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