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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Last week my bestie ( ) and I went on a trip to Malta!

I'd never been before - but back when I was dating Malteser (blogs below) he did make it sound pretty wonderful!

I'm not going to do day by day blogs as it was mostly lying by the pool drinking it might get a bit dull...but I thought I'd do an overview!

We flew out on Sunday morning at had to get up at 4am!

It was a bit tough when I'd been to see Fleetwood Mac the night before with my Daddy (who were increddibbbbllleee) and Jess had been to Taylor Swift.

We both got in at about its fair to say we slept most of the flight!

I wore the sexiest OOTD....

Jess and I used to have matching ones when we about 14 but she sold hers a few years ago...traitor.

I found it at my parents house so wore it for jokes...but it was actually bloody comfy to travel in

The benefit of travelling early is we got to the Resort by lunchtime so had some lunch and then had a whole afternoon in the sun

We stayed at the Dolmen Resort Hotel for five nights on an All Inclusive basis.

So after our afternoon in the sun we indulged in the "free" drinks and had a wander along the beach at sunset

So romanticccc

Malta is basically a rock so if you want somewhere to go for a sandy beach holiday this is not the place

If you want somewhere where you can lie by the pool and get tan then it is the place for you.

We spent the next day enjoying the sun

And drinks by the swim up bar

Peach Daiquiris are my new fave

We also tried our hand at snorkelling...

Actually very tricky to get an underwater pic!

My bikini is from H&M and I mentioned it in this Vegas Blog

The drinks in the all inclusive were brill..but some of the food at the buffet was questionable. Luckily we found out you can go to another restaurant where you get to order at the table...

Fair to say we enjoyed it...especially this bounty cheesecake


They're pushed out don't worry!

On one of the days we had planned a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon..

This is the boat we went on which was so much prettier than loads of the massive commercial ones which go there.

We used Seahorse Cruises and they were so good. The boat was run by a family of three guys, including the really cute old dad!

Jess insured she didn't burn her head...

And we headed off to see the caves

How clear is that water!

During the day trip we hopped off our big pirate boat...and got onto a little speed boat to get deeper into the caves

Jess the dog whisperer made some friends

and the dogs made some friends with a pigeon

The boat owner was a tad crazy - but hilarious

We finally pulled up into the lagoon and spent the afternoon swimming

It was really beautiful - as you can see above

But totally overpopulated...see below

By the end of the day we felt a bit of a withdrawal from a lack of all inclusive alcohol...

So we treated ourselves to a spritzer before heading back to St Paul's Bay and our hotel

25Euros well spent - the trip was from 11-6 and the food on the boat (which was about 3 euros) was excellent. They cooked it all on board it wasn't pre cooked or anything.

We spent the rest of the holiday lying in the sun and enjoying the drinks and food

This snickers ice cream was the bomb

Overall a brill holiday with my bestie

I've had better customer service than I had at the Dolmen (in regard to a noise complaint) and I've had better food at a buffet. But for the price (under £650 for everything) the resort was great. 

The evening entertainment however....made me want to die.

Might be good if you have kids as they might enjoy it...but not if they want to get to sleep as the "animation team" play music well into the night.

It didn't ruin the holiday though we still had a brill time!!

Love you sissy

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