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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

On Friday I was invited by the lovely Ena salon for a haircut and to check out their salon.

They've been open six years and are based in between Covent Garden and Holborn.

I rushed over, (whilst dealing with work emails) but managed to make it on time!

Its a pretty trendy place to be honest. I usually go to Michael Van Clarke and they are really great, but I feel like a lot of their clientèle is older - this place seems more young and cool...

From the products they sell, 

To the music and decor

The guy Sam who invited me (pretty fit by the way) led me to his chair to discuss my cut.

Now I have pretty basic hair....basic hair but not a basic person ok.

It's all one length its dark brown and there is basically nothing exciting about it, but I like to think it looks classy

My total hair envy is Kylie Jenner's turquoise ombre, but I don't think my boss would like that.

So I stick to what I know. I just wanted it tidied up really

Sam talked me through how much he wanted to take off to get it to its healthiest.

We ended up compromising as I cannot deal with losing more than two inches!

This hair took me 14 years to grow out from shoulder length and I am never going back there.

We discussed a bob...but again its all about compromise.

Here is the before

(please excuse how f-ing fat my arms look - I workout I swear!)

And after

honestly my arms...kill me now

In fact just to prove I didn't look this fat I took a photo afterwards where I looked skinnier! 

That's the kind of person I am

Merlin the cat features :)

Anyway back to my haircut.

The salon is in Georgian town house so I was led upstairs by another chap (who's name I can't remember - rude of me) to have my hair washed with the Melu shampoo for long hair...more on that later.

I love having men massage me (not in a creepy way) but they generally have stronger hands so having a head massage, or any massage in fact feels better.

Personal preference I guess

I went back downstairs and Sam brushed my hair through and rough dried it a little before adding the products

This is so the water on your hair doesn't dilute them - fun fact

Below are the products he used

While he worked his magic on my hair we chatted away about, blogging and dating disasters and when he was done and I had to leave it felt like a bit of a shame - we got on really well and had similar dating attitudes.

Aka a dating ban - his term not mine! I am still of the mindset that I want to be single and I'm really really enjoying it

Doesn't mean I can't go on a few dates though with likeminded people... 

...he has since asked me out so obviously he agrees!

I left with this goodie bag and if you keep scrolling I'll let you know what I got!

But first lets just all enjoy some hair selfies

No more split ends, my hair feels thicker and in really good condition

Maybe he was right about cutting it...still not agreeing to a bob though!

Now for a run down of my treats!

I got the shampoo and conditioner which they used on my hair that day. I really like these, especially the shampoo as the bottle is so handy to wash my hair at the gym!

They smell really good too - not to fragrant or floral!

I also bought some of these hairbands. I've seen them around for a while and they are meant to not kink your hair when you tie it up - I didn't really believe it, but I slept in a bun last night and took it down this morning - no kink! Plus they look cute on your arm and don't make an arm dent like a normal hairband so I'm quite enjoying them as bracelets too ... which I don't think is the point

I like.

I also got a manicure voucher

and a load of hair tips

I felt rather spoilt and would totally recommend the Ena Salon

Give them a try...tell Sam I sent you ;)

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