Superdrug Haul - Including Fudge Urban

Monday, 27 July 2015

On Saturday I did a bit of shopping

You know one of those days where you go to Boots or Superdrug for one thing...and come out with a bag like this!


These are the bits I got!

I've been meaning to try Bondi Sands for a long time as I often see it on Aussie girls Youtube channels

I thought I would go with the gradual tan for the time being until I run out of my St Tropez Mousse 
Haven't given it a try we shall see!

The next thing I got was this Colgate Max White toothpaste. This is in the flavour soft mint which is spearminty. I find peppermint flavours too strong!

Next I got this Dream Pillow Mist from Boots

I got a lavender pillow spray for Christmas and I just found it so nice to spray before bed...this is Boots own...but I reckon it is probably exactly the same and much cheaper!

The next thing I wanted was an Aluminium free deodorant

I was disappointed though that in this entire shelf only two were aluminium free

Apparently aluminium in antiperspirants can increase your risk of breast cancer. Now I'm not an expert and I don't know all the facts...but I don't want to take the risk

I picked this one by Bionsen

Now for a repurchase. This is my fourth can of this stuff!

I loveeee how easy it is just to spray on rub in and go! It dries quickly and I love the cocoa butter smell

Then I went a bit wild in the Fudge section...

My bestie modelled for Fudge's new range of haircare

Look how perdy she is (on the left) with her rainbow hair

So I was inspired to try out their Hair Art range

Plus one or two other items!

This hairspray smells pretty good so I'm intrigued to try it! 

This texture spray is meant to be like a backcomb in a can and I couldn't resist! It sounds like its right up my street!

I'm a bit of a dry shampoo addict and I really like to try out all different ones! I'm coming to the end of my herbal essences one, so I thought I'd give this a try

Plus the star of the show...
This turquoise noise hair art.

... stay tuned for my next blog where the above created this...

It was a lot of work...and the next day was hairhell...but its worth it, plus now I know some tips and tricks to make it easier!


  1. You've got some great products. You made me go back to mall and return my Clarins Deodorant that I just bought because I just read that its active ingredient is Aluminum. Thanks for that info. xx


    1. Oh I'm glad :) Apparently the Forever Living ones are nice!

  2. I know that Tom's of Maine stick deodorant don't contain aluminium and they smell nice too. Unfortunately Waitrose don't stock them anymore, so unless you live in America, you have to Amazon it.


    1. Oo thanks! My mum recommends this Forever Living one

  3. I've never heard of the Fudge Urban Colour hair art-it seems pretty cool! It looked really nice in your hair. :)
    Melissa //

    1. It was really cool! They're new and come in Blue, Peach, Pink and Purple!


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