Review: Brush Egg Brush Cleaner

Friday, 31 July 2015

I've blogged before about how I wash my makeup brushes...but I have some new products and a new technique so I thought I'd share that with you!

The star of the show is this little baby...

Its called a BrushEgg and you can get them on ebay for under £3

They fit on your fingers like so and the little ridges make brush cleaning so easy!

Plus it protects your hands and nails

I used the big ridges for big brushes and the little nobbly bits for eye brushes...

My brushes were looking pretty orange...

Especially the foundation I was intrigued to see how this Brush Egg helped!

Let's start with my contour brush from Royal Langnickel

I am obsessed with this brush by the way!

I started off by wetting it

And then gave it a swirl in my new BlenderCleanser Solid from Beauty Blender

Once I'd picked up some of the cleanser on my brush I rubbed it over the ribs of the BrushEgg

The ribs of the Brush Egg help clean the brushes so well!

This concealer brush was not white before I started lets put it that way...

The only brush which was a bit tricky was this large powder brush as it is quite fluffy so couldn't fit very well on the Brush Egg

The foundation brushes which were more saturated with product I cleaned twice...

But all in all I was so impressed by how much easier this product made washing my brushes

All white :)

And no wrinkly wet hands!!

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