Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar - Review

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I popped into Lush on my way home to my parents a few weeks I usually do... and picked up a new bubble bar to try.

Now I must admit...I've tried this one before - because its my favouriteeeee. But I realised I'd never told you lovely people about it

Its the Creamy Candy Bath

How pretty is that...

I broke off half (so I could have two baths out of it) and crumbled it under the running tap

There are a few reasons why this bubble bar is my favourite - the first being the smell. It is sweet, but not overpowering, a kind of vanillay candy floss deliciousness smell.

The second is how silky it makes the bathwater and therefore how soft it makes my skin feel

The bubbles aren't particularly exciting looking...

But it makes a lot of them and they just make my skin feel so soft.

According to Lush this bubble bar is more moisturising than other bubble bars because it has almond oil and cocoa butter in it.

The smell isn't over powering either but you can smell it on you afterwards which I like.

I find with a few of the Lush bubble bars that they are too strong smelling, especially the citrus ones like Brightside, but this is more like if that girl from mean girls ran you a bath of rainbows and smiles!

What is your favourite Lush product? Comment below and let me know!


  1. It looks so pretty and sounds like it smells unreal! My favourite lush product is the conditioners! I literally cannot pick a fave great post x
    Claire |

    1. Oo I've never used any of their hair products. Do you recommend one? xx


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