IMATS 2015 at the Kensington Olympia

Monday, 20 July 2015

As you probably now know from the last blog, me and my bestie Jessicaannmartin went to IMATS last weekend.

If you want to check out my makeup and outfit of the day, then have a read of my last blog!

IMATS stands for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show and every year they come to London (as well as New York, LA etc).

This year it was held at the Kensington Olympia and was on for three days. I think Friday is just for makeup artists and then on Saturday and Sunday anyone can get tickets.

I think the picture below shows how massive this event is...

There are so many stalls as well as various stages where demonstrations are being shown

There are kind of two sides to IMATS, the theatrical body painting side and then the everyday makeup and shopping side.

Below are some of my favourite body painted and theatrical pieces I saw

By the end of the day both these girls were completely painted head to toe

Like this...

There were also the more extreme this!

The body painters are amazingly talented!

In terms of the shopping/every day makeup side, this is where my credit card took a bit of a hit!

There were brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, NYX, The Balm, Zoeeva, Bobbi Brown...and many more

The only one we didn't go to was NYX, because the queue was about 2 and a half hours long!!

There were about 6 different brush brands at the we had to go around touching them all.... if you want to know which ones I settled for stay tuned for my haul blog!

It wasn't just makeup, there were brands of: hair extensions, nail varnishes, eyelashes, hair removal etc

Face Lace was cool...but I wasn't sure where I would wear it!

I already have one of these Nail Stamping kits at home...check out my nail art blog using it here

Inglot was another brand I was excited to see!

I got a couple of their eyeshadows which were super pigmented!

IMATS was so cool - a really fun day with my bestie and the popping of my Beauty Event Cherry!

Did you go? Send me the link to your blog or youtube if you blogged or vlogged it!


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    1. It was really fun - jel you got to go to that benefit event - the cupcakes looked YUM!



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