Review: Aurora Band

Friday, 31 July 2015

My friend is getting married! In fact when I post this I think she will already be married!

She couldn't find anyone to blowdry her hair the morning of so we were googling sleep in hairstyles that add curl but don't take much effort.

We found...The Aurora Band - which my other friend had seen on Dragons Den

I ordered one online for £12.99 to try it out before passing it on to her

It looks like this...kind of like a big headband with velcro round it

Below are the steps to follow...

All ready for bed (its July and I have a bloody hot water bottle) I got ready to try it!

My hair was slightly damp (very slightly) and as you can see I have very naturally straight hair...

I put the band round my head as instructed and started the process..

You part your hair in two down the back and start with the front sections

You wrap the front section round once, which is really easy to do

then pick up another piece of hair to add to the end you've pulled through

You then wrap that round...add to it again and wrap

You keep wrapping that section until you're done. My hair in total was split into three sections. 

Repeat on the other side and you're done.

You need to keep a gap of about two inches at the back of the band so that in the morning you know which side is which and can unwrap easily

Me and Mr Squirrel then headed off to bed.

It wasn't uncomfy to sleep in really and in the morning it was still in place just a little dishevelled.

To take it off you pull it down so the velcro ends up on the inside and the fabric on the outside...

This is where I got worried...

It was quite hard to unwrap as my hair was all caught in the velcro so I got quite stressed about it...

Especially when I looked like this after!!

But I shook my hair upside down ran my hands through it and then sprayed with hair spray...

And it actually looked ok

Plus the waves lasted until the end of the afternoon which is impressive as my hair just doesn't hold curls ever.

So all in all....It was a bit of a faff to get out...but putting it in was really easy.

And it did curl my hair.

I think it would work even better with longer hair and my friend is using it for her wedding - so a success!

The curls were nice and natural...but I think I could achieve the same look really quickly with a large barrel tong. The band was heat free though so that is much better for your hair!

Let me know if you've tried it out and what you thought!

Review: Brush Egg Brush Cleaner

Friday, 31 July 2015

I've blogged before about how I wash my makeup brushes...but I have some new products and a new technique so I thought I'd share that with you!

The star of the show is this little baby...

Its called a BrushEgg and you can get them on ebay for under £3

They fit on your fingers like so and the little ridges make brush cleaning so easy!

Plus it protects your hands and nails

I used the big ridges for big brushes and the little nobbly bits for eye brushes...

My brushes were looking pretty orange...

Especially the foundation I was intrigued to see how this Brush Egg helped!

Let's start with my contour brush from Royal Langnickel

I am obsessed with this brush by the way!

I started off by wetting it

And then gave it a swirl in my new BlenderCleanser Solid from Beauty Blender

Once I'd picked up some of the cleanser on my brush I rubbed it over the ribs of the BrushEgg

The ribs of the Brush Egg help clean the brushes so well!

This concealer brush was not white before I started lets put it that way...

The only brush which was a bit tricky was this large powder brush as it is quite fluffy so couldn't fit very well on the Brush Egg

The foundation brushes which were more saturated with product I cleaned twice...

But all in all I was so impressed by how much easier this product made washing my brushes

All white :)

And no wrinkly wet hands!!

How to: Kylie Jenner Blue Hair using Fudge Urban Hair Art

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

If you've read my last blog you'll know I bought some of the new range from Fudge Urban

The star of the show in my purchase is the Turquoise Noise Hair Art.

It is basically hair chalk but in a spray it has some flaws, but it also has some great points..

I decided that if I wanted to make a full on impact with this hair, then I should go for full on big hair with it would mean spraying less of my own hair.

I lay my Foxy Locks extensions on a black towel and started spraying from the bottom up to make them ombre.

Now the first point I want to make is how pigmented this stuff is! That colour is just sprayed on nearly black hair and it coats it completely blue! 

I love that!!

A con is it also makes your hands wear gloves!

A second it outside... I did it inside and a fine mist of blue seemed to settle all over the tiled floors...

Resulting in blue feet and paws!

Another tip is, if you are spraying a lot of hair, buy more cans than you think you'll need. They are £3.99 at Superdrug atm rather than £5.99

I started with only one can and only got halfway through the hair!

So I had to venture out the next day to find more! Also a warning only big superdrugs and boots do this stuff... I looked in three shops before I found it at the Superdrug on the Strand

When its done it looks so cool!

The next thing I did was spray the bottom of my own hair so it would blend in seamlessly.

And I left that all out of the way to dry whilst I did my makeup

Now in the picture below my hair is done...but you can't see the stress in my eyes!

Or the blue of my feet and hands...

Curling this hair was serious effort...

I did what I usually do separate off my hair curl it and then add extensions and curl them...and continue up my head.

First of all the hair on my actual head that I had sprayed was like a matted crisp... It is definitely a better idea to style your hair then spray it...and do that outside.

I think it would be much easier doing just your ends or just sections..but with the amount I did my hair was suffering and it was quite stressful to separate off sections. Curling it was fine...but the sectioning stressed me out

In some lights it looked a greeny teal colour

But with the flash it looked proper blue

I thought it looked so so cool! I was a bit disappointed we were in a dark club (Toy Room) and so noone could really see it!

I think if I did this again I would:

Wear Gloves
Spray it outside
Spray my hair once styled

Oh and the next morning...don't even talk to me about brushing my hair!
I washed it three times and deep conditioned it and it was still impossible to get a brush through

It hurt :(

The things we girls do for beauty!

Overall this product is great and I absolutely loved my blue hair! I just think taking the above precautions would make it much easier!

I think now that my extensions are blue I might just see if I can blend in my natural hair without spraying it...that would make this whole process MUCH less stressful!

Tag me in your pics on Instagram or Twitter if you try this out!

Superdrug Haul - Including Fudge Urban

Monday, 27 July 2015

On Saturday I did a bit of shopping

You know one of those days where you go to Boots or Superdrug for one thing...and come out with a bag like this!


These are the bits I got!

I've been meaning to try Bondi Sands for a long time as I often see it on Aussie girls Youtube channels

I thought I would go with the gradual tan for the time being until I run out of my St Tropez Mousse 
Haven't given it a try we shall see!

The next thing I got was this Colgate Max White toothpaste. This is in the flavour soft mint which is spearminty. I find peppermint flavours too strong!

Next I got this Dream Pillow Mist from Boots

I got a lavender pillow spray for Christmas and I just found it so nice to spray before bed...this is Boots own...but I reckon it is probably exactly the same and much cheaper!

The next thing I wanted was an Aluminium free deodorant

I was disappointed though that in this entire shelf only two were aluminium free

Apparently aluminium in antiperspirants can increase your risk of breast cancer. Now I'm not an expert and I don't know all the facts...but I don't want to take the risk

I picked this one by Bionsen

Now for a repurchase. This is my fourth can of this stuff!

I loveeee how easy it is just to spray on rub in and go! It dries quickly and I love the cocoa butter smell

Then I went a bit wild in the Fudge section...

My bestie modelled for Fudge's new range of haircare

Look how perdy she is (on the left) with her rainbow hair

So I was inspired to try out their Hair Art range

Plus one or two other items!

This hairspray smells pretty good so I'm intrigued to try it! 

This texture spray is meant to be like a backcomb in a can and I couldn't resist! It sounds like its right up my street!

I'm a bit of a dry shampoo addict and I really like to try out all different ones! I'm coming to the end of my herbal essences one, so I thought I'd give this a try

Plus the star of the show...
This turquoise noise hair art.

... stay tuned for my next blog where the above created this...

It was a lot of work...and the next day was hairhell...but its worth it, plus now I know some tips and tricks to make it easier!

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